Why Path is no Instagram

Path, a niche mobile social network has raised $40 million in new funds. It has also drawn comparisons with Instagram, a mobile photo service that was acquired by Facebook. Many are betting it would be the next big acquisition. I disagree, and here is why.

Why Path limits you to 150 friends

Do you want to see the most relevant stories from all your friends, or all stories from just your best friends? That’s the fundamental difference between what Facebook will show you in your news feed, versus the information shared on Path.


Path is a social media sharing site that emphasizes privacy controls. The site, founded by Dave Morin, Shawn Fanning and Dustin Mierau…

Social apps & doing the right thing

For the past week or so, the Internet has been abuzz with news of mobile apps uploading iPhone address books without asking us. The controversy highlights the fact that social and web apps need to have the moral imperative to do the right thing.

Talent acquisitions: Facebook’s kiss of death

Nobody was surprised when Gowalla announced that it would be shutting down after selling to Facebook — after all, almost none of the services it has bought in the past five years have stayed alive. But is this sell up-shut down approach fair on users?

On A Path To Nowhere

Path, a well-funded San Francisco-based startup co-founded by Shawn Fanning of Napster fame and Dave Morin, formerly of Facebook, today launched its app and private social network amidst blaze of glory. Unfortunately, it is a solution in search of a problem.