Patent trolls

Patent reform is likely in 2015. Here’s what it could look like

The head of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), said on Tuesday that a bipartisan bill to fix America’s dysfunctional patent system failed this spring after it ran into the “DC version of quicksand known as the Senate,” but that 2015 will be a different story.

IBM says Twitter infringes pre-Twitter patents

IBM wants Twitter to license patents that date from the 1990s, one of which includes a floppy disk illustration. Twitter, which has a history of advocating for patent reform, believes it can defend any potential lawsuit.

IBM: We’re number one (in patents)

IBM proudly retained its usual top slot in the annual patent count. Other winners included rivals Google and Apple, which both saw big growth in the number of patents issued but did not crack the top ten.

Patent troll strikes NYT, media industry over mobile web sites

A mysterious shell company is suing the New York Times and other major media outlets for patent infringement because they offer mobile apps and a website. The companies now face the unpleasant choice between paying the firm to go away or saddling up for a multi-million dollar legal fight.

Patent troll says it owns GPS, sues Foursquare

Patent trolls continue to take it to young companies with a vengeance. This time, a shell company that claims to own basic navigation technology wants the maker of a popular location-based “check-in” service to pay up.

Patent troll stalks travel site Hipmunk

Hipmunk’s quest to “take the agony out of travel planning” has won plaudits from users and the media and earned the start-up a new $15 million investment. Now, a patent troll wants Hipmunk to give it a piece of the action.

Patent troll’s bell tolls for Viacom

Defunct Web 1.0-era VOD company Intertainer continues to file patent suits, alleging Viacom transgresses its technology when streams shows like Spongebob Squarepants. Intertainer is currently litigating with Hulu and has a 10-year history of filing complaints and winning settlements.

Oracle sues to smash patent troll Lodsys

Oracle, it seems, is not one for irony. Right after an epic court fight with Google in which it was accused of abusing intellectual property, the software maker is now trying to dissolve another company’s patents

Click-to-Call companies face patent troll trouble

“Click-to-call” is a feature that lets users make a phone call by tapping a button on a website. The feature is a hit with merchants who want to reach an online audience and also represents a bright spot for the mobile ad industry.

BlackBerry hit with patent over… music

Research In Motion’s (s rimm) beleaguered BlackBerrys are known as many things but are generally not thought of as entertainment devices. That hasn’t stopped a shell company from suing RIM for infringing a patent for a music playlist.

Chinese Trolls And Privateers

Inventors, lawyers and scholars are meeting in Silicon Valley at Defense 2.0: New Strategies for Reducing Patent Risk to discuss the wave of…

Lodsys Fires Back With Lawsuits for Some App Developers

In response to Apple’s letter claiming that the license it holds for using technology ostensibly patented by Lodsys, the patent holding firm has filed suit against a number of App Store developers Tuesday. The firm claims Apple’s license does not in fact extend to developers.

Apple Said to Be Investigating Lodsys Patent Claims

Apple is “actively investigating” the claims of patent infringement made by Lodsys against App Store developers, according to The Guardian. Lodsys, a patent holding firm, has been sending notices to independent developers giving them 21 days to secure a license for technology used in in-app purchases.

Lodsys Speaks Out About iOS In-App Purchase Threats

Lodsys, the company suing iOS developers for patent infringement over in-app purchases, has created a blog in response to the situation. The blog posts reveal a very good grasp of patent law, but likely won’t satisfy developers or keep Apple from trying to stop Lodsys.