Which will save AOL: Huffington Post or Patch?

AOL has made two huge bets — one the $315-million purchase of The Huffington Post and the other the expansion of its hyperlocal news effort. Which is more likely to save AOL? With editorial turmoil and Patch’s high costs, the right answer may be neither.

Hyper-Local News: It’s About the Community or It Fails

AOL has agreed to acquire, a hyper-local news aggregator, for substantially less than investors put into the company. Like many other experiments in hyper-local news, it failed to connect with the communities it was supposed to be serving, and that is the kiss of death.

A Land Grab Is Under Way in Hyper-Local Media

As the online media game gets increasingly saturated, a new land rush is building in the hyper-local market, according to Topix CEO Chris Tolles, who says AOL’s ambitious rollout of its network of local news sites is just the beginning of the land grab.