The cross-platform mobile app: advice for enterprise developers

Today’s developers now have several choices to assist with cross-platform design, ranging from options of application type, supported languages, toolkits, and delegation of logic to scalable, remote backends. Each of these comes with a set of trade-offs, and the speed with which they evolve requires examination of where each will be headed in the future.

Firebase secures its real-time back-end service

Developers say Firebase makes it really easy for them to quickly write and debug web applications without having to mess with server infrastructure. But they want better security for those apps. On Tuesday, Firebase will roll out a new security API.

Parse offers its mobile backend-as-a-service on a freemium model

Parse is taking its “Heroku for app developers” backend-as-a-service out of beta and making it available as a freemium model. With its SDK, developers can quickly get up and running, allowing it to manage databases, user authentication, push notifications, and even file storage.