Netflix Brings Paramount Films Online in Canada

Netflix is adding more content to its streaming library in Canada, striking a deal with Paramount Pictures for first-run access to movies in the pay TV window. So movies like Iron Man 2 won’t show up on Canadian cable channels, but will appear on Netflix instead.

Google Poaches From Paramount Again, But Why?

They may be embroiled in a legal fight to the death, but that doesn’t mean Google (NSDQ: GOOG) can’t be admiring of Viacom’s employees. Alex…

Paramount COO: Three Strikes Won’t Stop Piracy

Three strikes and you’re out used to be the entertainment industry’s favorite approach against P2P piracy. However, with more and more people moving towards one-click hosters, Paramount COO Frederick Huntsberry is now calling three strikes ineffective, instead calling for laws to have ISPs block pirate websites.

Paramount Pictures Is Making A Play In Games

Paramount Pictures said this year it will be expanding its interactive department to publish video games, focusing in particular on casual,…