Video: Parallels Mobile Running Windows on iPad

Parallels Desktop 6 makes it easy to run an alternate OS on any Mac in a virtual machine. Those needing to run Windows will find it makes using OS X and Windows side-by-side a solid experience. Parallels Mobile for iOS brings Windows to the iPad.

Put Windows on Your iPhone or iPad With Parallels Mobile

Parallels Desktop 6 recently launched, and we were all over it. Today, Parallels Mobile is available for the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch. Parallels Mobile lets you access any virtual machine running on your Mac with Parallels Desktop 6, over either Wi-Fi or 3G connections.

Review: Parallels Desktop 6 for the Mobile Professional

The days of major Windows/Mac compatibility issues have waned, but for the mobile professional they have not completely receded into memory. Whatever your reasons for needing access to Windows, the newly released Parallels Desktop 6 may be just what you need.

Hands On: Gaming With Parallels Desktop 6

I was thrilled when I saw a tweet about the release of Parallels 6. Earlier I wrote a lengthy evaluation of gaming on virtual machines. I thought I’d run the same games through Parallels 6 to see how its claims work out in the real world.

Parallels Desktop 6: Windows on the Mac

Parallels Desktop 6 (PD6) has been announced for the Mac, and offers performance gains over the previous version. PD6 provides virtual machine capability on the Mac designed to allow the installation and operation of alternate operating systems such as Windows.

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A Russian business newspaper is reporting today that venture capital firm Almaz Capital Partners acquired a 5 percent stake in popular virtualization…

Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac Now Available

Virtualization software has come a long way since the days of Virtual PC on PPC Macs. Microsoft’s Windows-enabling program was more of…