Pandora lands on Google Glass

Pandora now has a dedicated Glassware app, which lets you listen to your personalized stations and give your favorite tunes the thumbs-up straight from the Google headset. turns Twitter into a DJ

Hey Mister DJ, turn the tweet hits up: is using Twitter’s collective music favorites to come up with daily music charts. Each and every song is playable through YouTube embeds, and the site is already working on plans to launch genre-specific Twitter radio stations.

Lessons from Pandora’s tough road to IPO

Tim Westergren’s Pandora is going to go public later this week. His story is fascinating and ultimately inspiring, with several simple yet fundamental lessons to be learned: the importance of not giving up, taking risks and — the biggest of them — making your luck. Is Like Pandora + MTV for Online Music Videos

Remember what it was like to turn on MTV and watch music videos all day? is kind of like that, but better. The startup serves up streams of music videos that are not only are tailored to the viewer, but actually sound good together.

Video: Pandora Founder Tim Westergren, Unplugged

There are few people in this world whom I admire as much as I admire Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora. It is not because he has the most successful company, or the largest or he is the richest. But mostly for his never say die attitude.

For OpenTable, Mobile Means Mo' Money

OpenTable is a holdover from the Web 1.0 economy and it might be finding new growth opportunities, thanks to the growing popularity of mobile devices and the rise of anywhere computing. Now all it has to do is think smartly about its business.

How Pandora Grew to Get 60 Million Listeners

At the of 2009, Pandora had 43 million listeners. On April 1, 2010 that number had grown to 50 million. In less than three months, it has added 10 million new listeners. What’s behind Pandora’s growth? Hint, it is not the browser. Instead look elsewhere.

Pandora's Guide to Mobile App Platforms

Pandora has had a charmed mobile history — the company’s music streaming app is one of the most popular on just about every type of phone out there. So it’s worth hearing Pandora CTO Tom Conrad’s advice about building for various mobile platforms.

Pandora Raises Its Fifth Funding Round

Music discovery service Pandora has raised an undisclosed amount of funding to promote continued growth, the company said in a statement.…

Everybody Loves Pandora

Success, they, say has many friends. Tim Westergren and Tom Conrad of much-in-demand online music startup Pandora would most certainly agree. After struggling for most of its life, the company is suddenly a Silicon Valley darling. From Ford to Facebook, everyone wants a piece of it.

Pandora: These Numbers May Surprise You

For years, Tim Westergren was on the front lines of a difficult royalty battle. But instead of becoming a casualty, Pandora and other inter…

Pandora: Now Playing Everywhere

Now that Pandora, a next-generation online music streaming service, has turned its first quarterly profit, the Oakland, Calif.-based company is looking at life beyond the web. And by doing so, Pandora is moving to embody what’s being called the device-agnostic Internet.

Updated: Pandora Raises $35M

Updated with comment from Pandora: Internet radio provider Pandora Media has raised $35 million in new funding, peHUB is reporting, just two…