Palm Pre

DoCoMo Buys the Rest of PacketVideo for $112M

NTT DoCoMo is buying the remaining interest of mobile video innovator PacketVideo from NextWave Wireless in a deal worth $111.6 million. The acquisition comes as a followup to a deal last July, in which DoCoMo bought a 35 percent stake in the company for $45.5 million.

Organizing Apps in iOS 4

iOS 4 brings a new way to organize apps on the iPhone. Previously, the only organization available was to separate the apps on different pages and flick between them. After a few pages of apps, it became harder to find the one you were looking for.

Is It Time to Stick a Fork in Palm?

The news coming out of Palm just gets worse and worse. Analysts are quick to point out what Palm has done wrong to find itself in this untenable position, but the way forward is anything but clear. Is it time for Palm to call it quits?

Computer or Smartphone? What to Grab?

Today’s smartphones are full mobile computers, and can handle most functions needed on a short outing. I still find myself asking if I should bring a computer on such trips, in case the phone is not enough should an unexpected work opportunity present itself.

New Facebook App For Pre, Pixi Uninspires

Facebook has released its first official app for the Palm (NSDQ: PALM) Pre and Pixi, but as Engadget Mobile reports, users may be underwhelm…

Skype: No Palm Pre App for Now

When Skype (s ebay) launched its mobile app on the iTunes App (s aapl) store in March, it quickly rose to the…

Highlights From The Palm Pre Webcast

Sprint (NYSE: S) and Palm (NSDQ: PALM) co-hosted an exclusive web event today on the upcoming launch of the Palm Pre, the new device being s…

Can Pre Exclusivity Turn Around Sprint?

Sprint (NYSE: S) Nextel CEO Dan Hesse spoke to SFGate, mostly about customer service and churn, but the last question was about how importan…