Google TV Is Coming To Europe This September

Sony (NYSE: SNE) will start selling Google (NSDQ: GOOG) TV-based products in Europe in September, according to a report by Les Echos. The si…

Zeebox Boss Says Smart TV Is A Dumb Idea

Is the trend for smart TVs that connect to the web and run apps a big mistake? Anthony Rose, the co-founder of hot social TV app Zeebox, too…

What’s Really Going On At

There’s no doubt that is one of Russia’s most powerful internet players. It has gone from being a struggling web firm in the late 1…

Apple: 3 Million iPads Sold This Weekend

After Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) CEO Tim Cook hinted Monday morning about a “record weekend” for sales of the new iPad, Apple this afternoon is conf…

This Is Why Google Is Losing The Future

“Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is like a crack dealer,” one frustrated startup founder told me recently. “They give you something that gets you hooked…

10 Ways Big Data Changes Everything

A yottabyte isn’t what happens when the Jedi master starts gnawing on your leg. It’s the information equivalent of one quadrillion gigabytes…

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Future May Bid For BBC Magazines

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Holiday Publishing Schedule

We won’t be publishing our newsletters Monday because it is Memorial Day in the U.S. and Spring Bank Holiday in the UK. We’ll update the sit…

London Meetup June 2?

As I start my transition out of ContentNext, I am also “transitioning” into travels. First mini-stop (prior to the actual world travels in J…

Guardian Statement On Rafat’s Departure

Note: read Rafat’s post about his leaving.

Dear Readers,

Our founder, a digital warrior and friend to many of you, Rafat Ali, is stepping…

On To Life 2.0

In the end, all things *do* come to an end. The good and bad part is, it is never a definite marker, but all part of a process. And so it ha…

Vive Le Rapidshare

By Cassandra Callais: Last September marked the passing of France

Kobo Takes A Plunge Into the UK E-Book Market

Borders may have gone up in a fire-sale flame in London last year, but it may live on in the form of e-books. Kobo, the e-book shop backed b…

New ITV CEO: The Online Agenda For Crozier

After a search that has lasted for nearly a year, Adam Crozier has been appointed the new chief executive for ITV (LSE: ITV), the largest co…

Welcome To Our New Video Section

As you may have noticed recently on our pages, we’ve launched a new video section, with help from Vodpod. The section pulls together interes…

Tech Weekly Review Of 2009

Mobile apps, Xbox TV, Windows 7 and Digital Britain. These and more topics are dissected by Charles Arthur, Bobbie Johnson, Susi Weaser a…

2009 By The Numbers

paidContent:UK has covered plenty of stats and figures over the last 12 months. Here’s an end-of-year snapshot of how 2009 shaped up in the…

Spotify Expects Equal Income From Subs, Ads

Mystery surrounds exactly how many of Spotify’s six million users are paying subscribers, but one exec says its business model is simple……

A Tale of Toxicity: What Happens Next at EMI?

Of the big four major label groups, EMI stands out as the most distressed. But what happens next in this tale of toxicity? The outcome dep…

A Word About Our New Look

Dear Readers,

For almost eight (yes!) years — beginning as a humble blog and now as part of a big, multinational publishing company — we…

Music Site Bans Unofficial Mobile Apps is banning all unofficial third-party apps that allow users to stream its content, including those that stream to mobile phones, th…

Terra Firma Takes

As the post-credit bubble world adjusts to deal with pre-bubble deals, Terra Firma has written off half the value of its

Mobile Music Sales Will Reach

The music industry has got to be prepared to give music away for free, according to analysts Screen Digest. In a study of 27 countries inclu…


Our speaker lineup for EconWomen is bursting at the seams with women

Job With Us: Reporter in London For PCUK

ContentNext Media, which covers the business of digital media as a wholly owned subsidiary of Guardian News & Media, is expanding its UK new…

EconCeleb: Our Full Coverage

This afternoon we had our first EconCeleb conference at the Roosevelt hotel in Hollywood where we heard from industry heads such as Harvey L…

Coming Next Week: Our EconCeleb Conference

We have added some more speakers for the EconCeleb conference on July 23th here in Hollywood next week. The conference, as the name suggests…

The Pursuit Of…And Six Years Into It

I will keep this anniversary note short this year…I started six years ago on this day, June 4th 2002, in NYC. So it is onl…

Rising Stars In Media: UK’s 40 Under 40

The Times has come out with its list of 40 rising media stars in UK, and among them are Bebo founder Michael Birch, 37, who just sold his co…