Media outsourcing and Journatic: Hate the player, not the game

Journatic, a local-journalism aggregation startup that used to provide content to newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune, has been criticized for a series of ethical lapses. But that doesn’t mean the kind of outsourcing it represents isn’t part of the future of journalism.

The future of media and forcing new content into old models

The controversy over new-media startup Journatic and its hyper-local news service says a lot about how difficult it is to find new ways of producing journalism, in part because the traditional media industry and its supporters want to force everything into old models and familiar formats.

The uncomfortable truth behind the Journatic byline scandal

Media startup Journatic has come under fire for using fake bylines for hyper-local content that appeared in the Chicago Tribune and elsewhere. But the reality is that something like Journatic is likely a part of the future of local journalism, whether we like it or not.

Jana’s quest to redistribute mobile wealth

Former MIT researcher Nathan Eagle wanted to use outsourcing and mobile technology to lift people in Kenya and elsewhere out of poverty. But faced with the realities of the outsourcing business, he changed course, and now wants to bring marketing dollars to people in emerging economies.

Does Groupon’s e-mail outage expose a lack of brand loyalty?

The service provider responsible for Groupon’s daily e-mail deals, suffered a server outage this weekend that looks to have had a staggering effect on Groupon sales in several cities. This seems to play up Groupon’s overall dependence on emails as the primary method of subscriber interaction.

Which Tech Skills Are in Demand Globally?

As we’ve reported, oDesk, a Menlo Park, Calif.-based online staffing startup, has pioneered new ways for tech workers distributed around the globe to find work. The company also collects lots of data on the tech skill sets that workers have around the world. Here’s a look.