Uh oh: Github’s down!

It’s bad enough when Twitter or Facebook fail, but when Github goes down, real work is affected. And Github has now gone down twice in two days. Developers want to know: what’s up with that?

Fresh Orange problems squeeze 800,000 French users

Ouch. France’s top mobile network, Orange, has been suffering from a bug that left a huge chunk of users unable to access their voicemail — just a few weeks after a software glitch rendered vast parts of the company’s network unusable.

More bad news for Facebook as site crashes

On Thursday night Facebook experienced a substantial outage, going dark for up to 80 minutes for some people. This isn’t just another indignity for the company after a rocky IPO — it’s revenue lost. When Facebook is offline it can’t sell ads.

Verizon’s LTE outage problems just won’t stop

Verizon’s struggles to keep its LTE network running consistently continue. Wednesday morning, Verizon reported on its Twitter feed that it is looking into customer complaints about the 4G service going down, and multiple blogs are reporting network outages in several markets ranging from Phoenix to Indianapolis.

Verizon explains its string of LTE outages

Verizon’s LTE network has had a hell of a month. After a year of smooth performance, interrupted only by one major glitch in April, the new ultra-fast 4G network has experienced a string of three outages in a single month. Verizon’s network head explains why.

Verizon still ironing the bugs out of LTE

Wednesday’s LTE outage shows Verizon still has bugs to work out in its new 4G network. As the first to launch LTE on a large scale, Verizon has become a guinea pig for the entire industry, dealing with the technologies remaining flaws as they arise.

Dump the SLA. Service expectations matter more.

Without thinking about the SLA it’s impossible to compare costs between clouds. An enterprise gigabyte comes with a whole host of services around it, while Amazon’s does not. So while it seems like cost per gigabyte is a good measure, it’s not. Here’s why.

AWS on Outage: Network Overhaul and Service Credits Coming

Amazon Web Services (s amzn) released its official statement and apology regarding the four-day outage that began on April 21, vowing, as expected, to improve the design of its Elastic Block Storage service and generally improve availability across the AWS platform.

8 Possible Outcomes From the Great Cloud Outage of 2011

As a result of last week’s four-day cloud computing outage, both Amazon Web Services and its users have publicly come under fire for their practices. I think both groups will take these criticisms to heart, but I don’t think we should expect anything too drastic.

The Incredible Importance of Skype

As Skype sputters back to life today after its first major outage in three years, it’s helpful to look at how critical the communications tool has become for users and companies, who increasingly rely on it for phone, IM and video chat service.

Is Your Internet Disaster Plan in Place?

Skype went down this morning, plunging millions of users into VoIP and IM darkness. Then Twitter was out briefly before coming back online. The incidents may be unrelated, but they highlight our growing reliance on web communications tools to keep in touch.

The Seven Best “Why Facebook Is Down” Cracks

Facebook suffered one of its worst outages in years today, an event that lasted for several hours and took out all the Facebook-powered “like” buttons on sites across the web. This caused a stream of jokes on Twitter, and we’ve collected some of the best here.

DNS Problems Hit Yahoo

Updated: Yahoo, one of the largest web sites on the planet, is being plagued by series of problems related to Domain Name…

Revver Site Having Problems

We’ve been getting tips for the last few days that Revver is down and/or having trouble serving off-site videos. However, each time…

YouTube Offline for An Hour

YouTube, like the iPod, has become a cultural phenomenon and part of our online lives. From politicians to pointless singers, everyone knows…