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Why Twitter users on Android should check out Echofon

Using Twitter on an Android smartphone or tablet? You’ll want to check out Echofon; my favorite Twitter client for iOS and OS X. Why? Aside from all the basic Twitter features, Echofon for Android syncs your Twitter activity so you never read a tweet twice.

10 hidden things you can do on your Mac

Whether you are upgrading from an older version of OS X, or you are switching from a PC to a Mac, you’ll want to know how to do each of the following 10 things once you have Apple’s new OS X Mountain Lion software installed.

Why Microsoft’s Metro UI could slowly kill Android

Microsoft’s effort to merge the Windows Phone look and feel with Windows 8 will pay off in the form of causing Google Android to “fade away” says a mobile market watcher. That’s possible because Microsoft — and Apple, as well — have something that Google doesn’t.

Getting Ready for WWDC 2011

There’s nothing quite like attending Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. Hearing first-hand about new tech from the engineers that built it is amazing. Here’s what lucky attendees should do to make the most of next week.

Mac Maintenance: An OS X Reinstall Checklist

It’s a good idea to reinstall OS X every once and a while to keep your system running smoothly, so here are a few things to keep in mind before you begin. While most are pretty obvious, this list might prevent some head-smacking moments of regret.

Screencast: How to Create iPhone Ringtones for Free

One of the best things about the iPhone is how easily you can set your own custom ringtones. Creating those ringtones from music from your own library is incredibly easy, too, and doesn’t require any paid third-party software. All you need is Garage Band and iTunes.

Mac OS X 10.7: A Speculative Anatomy of the ‘Lion’

The invite from Apple’s “Back to the Mac” event clearly shows an image of a lion, which strongly suggests that the next iteration of OS X is going to be announced. But what new features will “Lion” bring? Here’s a list of interesting possibilities.

What Could Make OS X 10.7 Great?

With Apple’s release of operating systems slowing down considerably, some are left to wonder if OS X has any life left to it. Snow Leopard was considered a release aimed at polishing the experience with significant under the hood changes, but what could be next?

Quick Tip: Eject a CD/DVD via the Menu Bar

If you want to eject a disc from your Mac, there are currently two ways of doing this in OS X that most users know of, but there’s actually a hidden app that you may not know about that resides in the menu bar.

Mac Devs in the Running for an ADA After All

Looks like Mac Developers will be in the running for an ADA after all…ADA as in “Ars Design Award,” that is. Ars Technica is stepping up to fill the empty space left by Apple this year by hosting their own ADAs.

4 OS X Screenshot Tools

Taking screen captures in OS X is pretty simple and powerful. Today I’ll explain how to use the built-in screen capture functionality, the included application Grab, and a couple of third-party options that offer extra functionality.

How-To: Quit All Open Applications in OS X

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you need to quit all your open applications. But going through each application and quitting them is a pain. Good thing Apple included a nifty little scripting language in OS X called AppleScript that will allow us to quit applications in one fell swoop.

OS X Hidden Gems

Have you ever noticed that little dark circle that appears within the close button of a document window in OS X when…

Cloudvox: OS X a Developer's Paradise

If you’re launching an API or technically focused service, Cloudvox executives have some advice: Make sure you support Apple’s OS X. Cloudvox,…

Dig Into Unix

When Apple (s aapl) revamped its operating system and adopted Nextstep as the base of OS X, they brought along with it…


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