Identity-based security and the cloud

The rise of cloud computing has led to the reassessment of how both cloud and non-cloud systems approach security. Considering the complex and distributed nature of cloud-based platforms, security approaches that leverage identity are the best fit.

Oracle says: We’re number two! Sometimes you just have to hand it to Oracle(s orcl). A day after IBM(s ibm) announced a disappointing quarter, Oracle puts…

Oracle gets a piece of PaaS with Engine Yard investment

It’s probably not a huge investment, especially by Oracle’ s usual standards, but the database giant has bought a minority stake in Engine Yard, the PHP, Ruby and Node.js Platform as a Service. The stake gives Oracle a better story — sort of — in PaaS.

Corrected: Oracle, Google file list of paid journalists

Concerned that Google and Oracle were paying authors and journalists to influence a highly-publicized trial, a federal judge asked them to name names. Today, the parties filed their lists – Oracle names FOSS Patents blogger Florian Mueller and Google names no one.

HP pretexters face sentencing

Here’s a sour reminder of a bleak chapter of Hewlett-Packard’s past. Two private investigators — a father-and-son team — face sentencing Thursday for their role in the HP pretexting scandal in which they assumed other identities to get phone records of reporters and board members.

Opportunistic acquisitions: Blow money in Vegas instead

Acquisitions can add to your earnings, speed your entry into new markets, and help you acquire intellectual property more quickly. But like a marriage, acquisitions should never be decided on a whim. M&A advisor Marty Wolf offers his advice on how to create a lasting union.

U.S. government agencies prep for big data confab

All right all you big data nerds — it’s time to suit up for the NIST’s Big Data workshop slated for next week. The event will focus on what state-of-the-art core technologies will drive big data and how to ensure accuracy of big data processes.

Spotting M&A opportunity, martinwolf opens Bangalore office

As tech companies–both vendors that build product — and integrators that customize and integrate that product into larger solutions — strive for scale there’s growing opportunity for cross-border mergers. That’s why martinwolf M&A Advisors of San Ramon, Calif. is opening an office in Bangalore.

Rometty to hold IBM to cloud-and-services course

Virginia Rometty may be the new face of IBM when she takes the helm as CEO in January, but she is expected to keep pushing her predecessor’s vision of cloud-computing related services — hard. It is these services, increasingly, that drive IBM’s global business.

Top 5 questions out of Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Along with all the big-iron appliance and big data hype at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 come a lot of questions. Is this Sparc resurgence for real? Is anyone buying Oracle’s soup-to-nuts software-hardware stack pitch? Can standalone business intelligence players survive? And just what is Oracle NoSQL anyway?

When Is a Tech Company Dead?

When is a technology company dead? It is something that has been on my mind lately. My definition of a dead tech company has less to do with the company’s numbers and more about its abilities. Of course, that is different from what others think.

Oracle to Buy ATG. Follows Money to Mobiles.

Oracle’s $1 billion purchase of e-commerce software maker Art Technology Group underscores the software giants desire to bulk up its e-commerce and customer relationship management business, especially as transactions increasingly expand to mobile devices.

Android: Swimming With the Patent Sharks

Google Android is under fire from Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle, but only Oracle’s suit seems motivated by truly defensive motives. Apple and Microsoft want to throttle Android adoption to improve their odds while Oracle may want to keep Google from trashing its Java ME licensing business.

Apple and Oracle Must Let Developers Have Their Say

While Apple and Oracle have enjoyed tremendous success with their integrated suite approaches to business, the open ‘read/write’ model that open source encourages provides a better platform for third-party developers and promises to be the basis of successful startups, not to mention national economies.

Oracle on the Prowl for Chip Firms

Who would have thought that the cloud computing revolution would have turned Larry Ellison into a CEO who is hunting for chip acquisitions? But since Oracle’s vision for the cloud includes a highly customized box, why not own the brains that would run it?

Exalogic: Larry Gets the Cloud Now & He Wants It All

Oracle today announced a slew of new products that, at least on paper, deliver one of the most comprehensive enterprise computing solutions around. The company has extended the concept of “stack” further than any other technology player, by covering the hardware from compute to storage.

That Didn’t Take Long: Oracle and HP Make Up

Hewlett-Packard has resolved its lawsuit against its former CEO Mark Hurd, which arose after Hurd joined HP’s sometimes collaborator and sometimes rival Oracle. According to a joint statement out today from both companies, HP and Hurd have settled.

HP vs Mark Hurd & Oracle: The Machiavellian Version

When it comes to ousted HP CEO Mark Hurd joining Oracle and HP’s subsequent lawsuit, Om speculates that this is a Machiavellian plot cooked up by Hurd and Larry Ellison to distract HP from business as usual, and settles in to watch the show.

Hewlett-Packard Sues Former CEO Mark Hurd

Hewlett-Packard is suing its former chairman and CEO, Mark Hurd, alleging breach of contract and potential misappropriation of trade secrets. Hurd left the company last month, after allegations that he was involved in a number of improprieties related to a human resources consultant the company hired.

Sued by Oracle, Google Shuns JavaOne

Having been sued by Oracle over patent and copyright infringements, Google and its developers (predictably) are giving the annual Java love fest — the JavaOne conference — a pass. In addition, other developers are contemplating boycotting the conference. One developer is proposing a full-blown boycott.

Oracle, Patents and the Acquisition Trail

Following on from Oracle’s surprise acquisition of Sun, Stephen Jannise did some crystal-ball gazing and came up with a list of companies that could be potential targets for Oracle. He contends that the Sun move shows that Oracle isn’t afraid of doing deals in unexpected areas

Oracle Sues Google Over Android Code

Oracle today said it has filed a complaint for patent and copyright infringement against Google over some of the Java code used on Google’s Android mobile operating system. The complaint contends that Google knowingly infringed on Java patents when it developed its mobile OS.

Webscale Databases: Is Open Source Really Necessary?

When it comes to deploying databases web scale, many large sites opt to “go cheap, go custom or go home.” But might the resources spent developing open-source projects or building tools from scratch not become extraneous if companies could buy solutions that would work just fine?