Opera is back on Linux

Having dropped Linux support around the time of its root-and-branch revamp, Opera is now offering its first developer version for Linux users in over a year.

Opera brings privacy mode to basic mobile browser

Just because it’s not a smartphone doesn’t mean it’s dumb. Norway’s Opera is bringing increasingly advanced functionality to its most low-end Mini browser, with version 4.5 boasting a privacy mode and download manager.

Want to save big on mobile data? Try Opera Mini 7

The Opera Mini 7 browser for Android is here, offering users a data savings of up to 90 percent. Mobile browsers that save on data sound good, but if the experience is poor, consumers won’t likely use them. Luckily, Opera Mini works well and saves data.

Yo Amazon: Please don’t hijack the web on Kindle Fire

Amazon’s successful 7-inch tablet, the Kindle Fire, is locked down more than people might think: browser requests to Google’s Android Market are redirected to the Amazon AppStore. Imagine buying a new car and then being told you that it can only be driven on certain roadways.

Opera for Android helps monitor mobile data use

Opera released updated versions of its Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers for Google Android devices on Tuesday. The new software includes a mobile broadband meter showing how much data has been used for browsing. Will device owners give up browsing preferences for less data usage?


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Can Opera Finally Break Through In The U.S.?

If you look at web browser usage, Opera is barely even worth mentioning. But look at mobile browsers and it’s arguably one of the fastest an…

GetJar Ban of Opera Highlights Growing App Store Competition

With all the growing competition in the market for app stores, it’s inevitable that this jockeying is leading to some competitive measures. The latest sign of that is GetJar’s move to ban Opera Mini after Opera announced it was launching its own app market.

Mobile Web Growth in Africa: Hotter Than the Sahara!

Opera’s latest report indicates that mobile page views are up more than 4,900 percent in Sudan, while growth in mobile web users has risen 1,179 percent in Zimbabwe. If I were a mobile web service provider, I’d pack for a safari quickly head to Africa.

Sony’s Opera Browser Is Good News for TV Standards

Video publishers that want to distribute to viewers through apps built into connected TVs are feeling the effects of fragmentation, having to pick and choose between platforms. But the ability to build for a single, standards-based browser like Opera could make development a lot easier.

Right on Time, Opera Teases a Tablet Browser

With so many tablets expected to debut at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, the timing is perfect for Opera’s latest browser. Opera’s compression technology could help tablets on limited data plans do more browsing in a given month with the new Opera for Touch browser.

Is HTML5 the Future of TV Apps?

At today’s GigaOM Pro Bunker Session, attendees and panelists agreed that standards will be needed to push the TV app market forward, and their app development efforts might get a whole lot simpler if more CE manufacturers turn to HTML5 as the platform for connected devices.

Opera Releases Opera Mobile for Android Browser Battle

Opera signaled it’s ready to do battle in the browser wars on Android with a release of Opera Mobile, its full browser. The release of Opera Mobile beta 10.1 brings a number of features that should help it compete in an increasingly crowded space.

Opera Mobile Coming to Android First

Opera Mobile will be hitting Android within a month, according to the company. This is the full mobile version of the Opera browser, and will add pinch/zoom and hardware acceleration to take advantage of high-powered smartphones currently on the market. Other platforms will get it later.

Opera 10.63: An Old Workhorse Gets an Update

Opera Software released version 10.63 of their flagship browser on Tuesday, with another round of tweaks, enhancements and bug fixes. Being a consummate Opera fan, I wasted no time checking it out Opera in both Snow Leopard and on my old G4 PowerBook running Tiger.

How Opera Hopes To Monetize The Mobile Web

Norway-based Opera Software (OSL: OPERA) has come up with a plan to monetize the mobile web more easily and make browsers more attractive co…

Opera Sees Feature Phone Opportunity in New Ad Network

Opera enters the mobile advertising market with its Open Mobile Ad Exchange, an advertising platform that takes advantage of the company’s 66.5m user base. While Apple and Google battle for the smartphone mobile ad space, Opera is wisely panning for gold in the feature phone market.

Opera Pushes HTML5 Web Apps For Connected Devices

Opera is trying to make it easier for content companies to get their video on connected TVs and other devices. With the launch of a new content development kit, publishers will be able to build standards-based web apps that will be accessible across multiple devices.

Browser Wars: Pixel-Friendly Browsers on the Mac

Kyle Dreger responded to a Lifehacker article comparing Windows (s msft) browsers based on pixel-usage by making his own version with Mac (s aapl) browsers. What struck me was how few browsers he used: only four, and all of them were cross-platform.

The NewTeeVee Guide to Playing WebM Video

Google open sourced its WebM video format in May, and more and more applications as well as video vendors are starting to support the new format. However, how do you actually play back WebM videos? This handy little guide tells you all you need to know.

Shrinking Data Plans May Help Opera Mini Grow

Opera released its Opera Mini 5.1 browser for Android handsets bringing several great features, including a new pinch-to-zoom function. The experience lags slightly behind native browsers, but those on limited data plans will want to load it up, as Opera’s data compression can save you money.

Opera to Chrome: We're Also Faster Than a Potato!

Opera, the little browser that could, has a cheeky response to Google’s Chrome speed tests. In contrast to Google’s MythBusters-as-art aesthetic, Opera goes a little more Royal Tenenbaums-in-Norway. The result of Opera’s own speed test? The browser is also “much faster than a potato.”

Opera Buys FastMail to Deliver Email Everywhere

Opera, the Norwegian browser company that is a perennial runner-up to larger players such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, has bought Australian web-mail company FastMail.fm for an undisclosed sum. Opera says it wants to expand its email service to mobile devices and even interactive televisions.

iPhone Owners Downloading Opera Mini, But Are They Using It?

In a preview of its upcoming State of the Web report, Opera says that Apple’s iPhone is the currently the No. 3 device used by Opera Mini users worldwide. That’s a nice statistic, but the follow-up information doesn’t show that iPhone owners are leaving Safari behind.

Opera Mini Brings Choice To The App Store

After much debate and speculation as to whether or not Apple would accept it, Opera’s mobile browser, known as Opera Mini, is now finally available for the iPhone and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Windows Browser Ballot Screen Is Working — Up to a Point

Since early March, some European versions of Microsoft Windows have been delivered with a “browser ballot screen,” designed to give users a choice of 12 web browsers instead of forcing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer on them. The ballot screen is working, but there are problems arising.

Opera Mini — Why Is There an App for That?

Opera’s browser is already on many devices — phones, computers, and even Nintendo’s Wii. But there’s one key device missing: Apple’s iPhone. At Mobile World Congress, Opera will preview a version of Mini for the iPhone. But why?

Opera Rides the Mobile Ad Bandwagon With AdMarvel Buy

Opera Software is the newest player in the mobile ad segment, with today’s acquisition of AdMarvel. The move could go a long way toward increasing ad revenues on feature phones — a segment that has largely been ignored as mobile ads gain momentum on smartphones.

CEO Shuffle at Opera Comes at a Critical Time

Opera Software has named Lars Boilesen (shown) as the company’s new CEO, replacing Jon S. von Tetzchner, who co-founded the Norwegian company in 1995 and has served as its head ever since. The shift marks the end of an era for the company.

Vid-Biz: Brightcove, RealD, 4Chan

Brightcove Hires David Mendels as President/COO; current board member and former EVP and GM of Adobe’s enterprise software division will be responsible…

The Europe/Microsoft Browser Battle Ends

The European Commission is dropping its long-standing antitrust case against Microsoft involving browsers after the company agreed to offer users easy alternative choices to Internet Explorer, even as its market share continues to dip. The announcement was delivered in Brussels by Europe’s competition commissioner, Neelie Kroes.


When It Comes to Pain at the Pipe, Upstream Is the New Downstream

Upstream bandwidth use is on the rise, with some vendors reporting a 24 percent increase in traffic from 2007 to 2008. But does that increase mean more people are contributing content to the web, or that the few who do contribute use a disproportionate amount of bandwidth? While ISPs are addressing the latter scenario with restrictions and caps, I’m inclined to believe this is a widespread movement of people putting their lives online. That means ISPs are going to have to start pushing the limits on upstream speeds and capacity — or see customers change service providers (if they can). So, which carriers can keep adding upstream bandwidth to serve consumer demand? And what services will help drive that demand?

Fun With Skinning Opera

I use a bunch of different Web browsers — Opera, Camino, Firefox (or lately the Shiretoko Intel-optimized build of Firefox), Safari, Netscape…

Browser Wars: Opera Says It's Not Down or Out

Economic malaise aside, consumers increasingly want to surf the Net on phones, according to Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO of the Opera Software. “There is a mega-trend of increased Internet usage,” he told me over breakfast this morning, “and we are in the middle of it, regardless of the economic downturn.”

Can Opera Beat Microsoft In The Browser Wars?

Opera Software is clearly trying to get Microsoft’s attention, and while they are at it, ruin their chances of being the dominant internet b…

Opera Offers a Peek Into Web Pages' Anatomy

Mobile browser maker Opera today is announcing MAMA, a research project designed to show people the insides of web pages. MAMA began as a research project aimed at tracking more URLs than previous web page categorization efforts, and will eventually open to the public as a search engine.

Opera Launches Widget SDK For Mobile Browser

Opera, the maker of the very popular mobile browser, released software tools today to allow developers to build widgets for mobile devices.…

Video Bumps Cisco Router Sales

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the online video boom is helping Cisco Systems sell a lot of its top-of-the-line CRS-1…

Opera Dumps Yahoo For Google

Chalk up this round to Google (NSDQ: GOOG). Norwegian browser maker Opera has dumped Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) in favor of Google, making it the de…

How to Safeguard Your Privacy Online

Privacy on the Internet — as Facebook’s Beacon advertising platform and other examples make clear — is not something that anyone can expect. It can be achieved, however, and maintained. Here’s how.

Opera Launches Mini 4.0, Free

Opera has officially launched Opera Mini 4, available as a free over the air download from operamini.com. It’s changed the browser so people…