Nebula launches its OpenStack “system”

The long-promised Nebula One cloud system — with its controller appliance — is now available. That piece of hardware could distinguish Nebula from the rest of the OpenStack cloud crowd.

Rackspace: In search of really huge accounts

With its OpenStack-based cloud coming online, Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier says the company can take on Amazon Web Services for the biggest of big accounts, provided those accounts want the sort of value-add service Rackspace provides.

Basho joins Apache Cloudstack effort

Basho says its Riak CS object store will fit nicely into the CloudStack open-source cloud platform. As service providers and enterprises look for Amazon S3 compatible storage, entries like Riak CS and DreamHost’s new Ceph-based store could be viable options.

Rackspace snaps up Mailgun for its email smarts

Rackspace is buying Mailgun for its email-enabling APIs, which should come in handy for developers wanting to build and host applications using Rackspace’s shiny new OpenStack-based cloud infrastructure. Terms were not disclosed.

Cluttr dials down data center energy on demand

Data centers don’t have to be powered by a solar farm to be smart about their energy consumption — often times it’s the far less glamorous choices that can lead to energy savings. Those are the choices that Belgian startup Cluttr is helping data center operators make.

Amazon cuts prices (again) on key web services

When Amazon Web Services isn’t adding new services, it’s cutting prices on those it already offers. Late Monday, the company said it is cutting the price of its EC2, Amazon RDS, ElastiCache and Elastic MapReduce, according to a post on the AWS blog.

Rackspace delivers OpenStack for private clouds

Rackspace has productized the OpenStack open-source software stack to run in customer data centers. This is an interesting private cloud move for Rackspace, a big cloud provider/managed services provider which now runs customers’ compute loads in its own data centers.

If Netflix is right, Amazon already a cloud champ

OpenStack has attracted tremendous developer and partner support since launching a year ago. But according to Netflix’s chief cloud architect, Adrian Cockcroft, the open-source cloud project has its work cut out for it if it hopes to attract major clients like Netflix.

Rackspace Cloud Revenue Keeps Rising, Tops $100M

Rackspace reported cloud revenues of $31.4 million during the quarter, up approximately 17.1 percent over the previous quarter, and bringing the company’s total 2010 cloud revenue to $100.7 million. Perhaps more telling, though, is the increasing percentage of overall revenue attributed to cloud computing.

New OpenStack Release Attracts Cisco, Enterprise Users

The Rackspace- and NASA-led OpenStack project released the code for its “Bexar” release this morning, which brings a slew of new features, as well as proofs of concept from large enterprises and major new contributors, such as Cisco. With Bexar, OpenStack is ready for production environments.

OpenStack-based Storage Cloud Launches; IaaS Next

The first non-Rackspace OpenStack-based cloud-storage service is in beta, but it’s just the first in what should be many products based on the open source cloud project. Internap’s XIPCloud Storage platform provides a self-service, web-based offering to complement the hosting providers existing dedicated storage offerings.

Microsoft Joins OpenStack to Add Hyper-V Support

In what could be considered a very big deal, Microsoft has joined the OpenStack community. According to the official announcement, Microsoft will provide technical guidance and assistance to startup to add Hyper-V support to its CloudStack offering. will develop the code for OpenStack integration.

Eucalyptus, rPath Back a New Private Cloud Effort

NewScale, rPath and Eucalyptus Systems are working on a new self service, private cloud initiative that is likely to be announced on August 24. This new effort is going to an integrated offering that is targeting hybrid and private clouds.