How intelligent networks address cloud issues

Communications service providers (CSPs) can deliver highly reliable, low-latency, secure networks between highly distributed user populations and applications running at remote cloud data centers. Because of this, they offer tremendous advantages for enterprises looking to adopt public and private cloud computing.

Forget offshore tax-havens & meet the offshore cloud

Can a niche player build a business offering an offshore cloud to rival Amazon’s infrastructure as a service? Calligo wants to try. The startup has formed on the Channel Islands to provide an offshore cloud option for enterprises and eventually, an offshore personal storage account.

Will OpenFlow really be the Android of networking?

Networking is undergoing a huge change in part because of the creation of the OpenFlow protocol. But just because networks are programmable doesn’t mean they will become open platforms for developers. So will OpenFlow create an ecosystem like Android’s or like Apple’s iOS?

LineRate Systems takes on networking gear with software

The rapidly changing world of networking has surfaced another startup. This one, a four-year-old company called LineRate Systems, has built software the helps deliver services on top of virtualized networks. It has raised $5.4 million so far to bring more commodity gear to networking.

Are vendors closing OpenFlow?

The idea of software defined networking enabled by the open-source OpenFlow protocol is under threat from corporations intent on using the OpenFlow name and the promise of software defined networking to lock buyers into their gear, according to a Big Switch Networks executive.

The lowdown on stealth startup Cumulus Networks

Nearly $2 million in funding. An ex-Cisco executive team. The promise of networking technology that could unite compute and networking under one configuration scheme. Cumulus Networks is a startup that has it all. It’s stealthy, but here’s what we know.

IBM launches beefy OpenFlow switch for data centers, cloud

IBM is the latest amongst a growing list of hardware makers to release networking gear based on the OpenFlow network protocol. A new 10 GigE switch is going to target cloud/ datacenter markets and compete aggressively with rivals that would include HP and Cisco.

Want to control your broadband destiny? It’s coming.

With myriad applications fighting for limited gigabytes on a mobile broadband plan or multiple users fighting for access to a wired home connection, what broadband users need is a connectivity thermostat that they can use to control how they can access their ISP’s pipes. It’s coming.

How an extinct zebra could upend the networking market

Networking startups are hot as VCs get hip to the promise that software-defined networking has for the industry, but Internet Systems Consortium, a non-profit entity supporting open-source software may have a hot startup in the form of one of its open-source projects.

Embrane gets $18M to build cloud networking tools

Embrane, which builds tools that will enable cloud providers to scale out networking services faster and with less complexity, has raised $18 million in second round funding. The networking sector is heating up as virtualization complicates communication between servers and data centers.

Big Switch and the coming networking bonanza

BigSwitch was one of 10 companies launching at our Structure 2011 conference last week, but it’s also riding a sea change in the networking world. I chatted briefly with BigSwitch cofounders to learn a bit more about its goals and opportunities.

BigSwitch Nets $13.7M to Become VMware of Networking

BigSwitch Networks, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based network virtualization startup founded on the principles of the OpenFlow standard, has raised $13.75 million in a Series A financing, led by Index Ventures and Khosla Ventures. The company’s goal is to become the VMware of networking.

Are Home Networks Destined for Cloud-Based Networking?

There are obvious opportunities stemming from Wi-Fi Direct and Apple’s Airplay technologies, but how does one look beyond point solutions and hardware products to find the larger opportunity? The answer came to me during a conversation with Urs Hoelzle, Google’s SVP of engineering at Google.