Open source

Inktank launches to change the face of open-source storage

The lead developers behind open-source storage system Ceph have launched a company, called Inktank, to commercialize the software. The company describes Ceph as a “fully open source, distributed object store, network block device, and POSIX-compatible distributed file system designed for reliability, performance, and scalability.”

Open-sourcing your genomic data

A new Portable Consent Form could make it easier — and more palatable — for individuals to donate their anonymized genetic data to science at large. The goal of the Consent to Research project is nothing less than the open-sourcing of the genetic data pool.

Twitter backs big data with Apache sponsorship

Already a heavy user of Apache Software Foundation projects, Twitter is now giving back to the organization financially as a sponsor. It’s difficult to think of a situation where Apache sponsorship wouldn’t be the right move and, it’s definitely the right thing for Twitter to do.

Red Hat buys Gluster for scale-out storage

Red Hat’s planned $136 million purchase of Gluster should give the enterprise Linux leader a strong play in the cloud-inflected world of scale-out storage. This is the latest in a series of acquisitions by vendors trying to stake a claim in the storage of unstructured data.

Will hardware makers trust Google after Motorola buy?

Google’s $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility today shows that the company is all-in with Android, paying a 63-percent premium to acquire Motorola. But what does it show to hardware partners now that Google essentially will be a smartphone and tablet hardware competitor?

HP joins OpenStack

HP has joined OpenStack, the open-source cloud software project led by Rackspace. HP joins fellow IT heavyweights Dell, Cisco, Intel and Citrix as OpenStack contributors, which should help ensure that OpenStack is supported by a wide variety of enterprise hardware and software products.

The rise of the do-gooder developer

Apps will save the world. Or at least are providing an important way for the developer community to give back and work on rewarding projects, while at the same time adding some much needed innovation around data sets for the public good.

Open source isn’t an innovation killer

While open standards give customers options, execs from Dell, VMware and Facebook said the availability of free computing options isn’t necessarily the death of innovation. However, businesses that wish to survive will need to provide value over and above the commoditized aspects of open computing platforms.

VLC For Android: Mobile Video Player Coming in April?

VLC’s developers are busy working on an Android implementation of the popular open source video player, which could be released as early as next month. Next up will be a tablet-specific version of VLC, which could run on devices like Motorola’s Xoom with Android 3.0.

Rackspace to Build Clouds for OpenStack Users

Rackspace is now offering official support services for the OpenStack cloud platform under the moniker of Rackspace Cloud Builders. Until now, companies wishing to deploy OpenStack-based cloud offerings had to either rely on community members for informal support or seek out third-party consultants.

OpenStack Opens Up Voting Process

Rackspace is opening the OpenStack board to participation by a greater number of contributors. Issues arose after Rackspace bought Anso Labs last month, giving Rackspace an overwhelming majority of Project Oversight Committee seats, leading some to suggest Rackspace was making a play to have complete control.

Terracotta Brings Real-Time Analytics to the (Java) Masses

Terracotta is trying to bring real-time analytics to the masses (of Java users, at least) by letting Ehcache users query data stored in the product’s in-memory cache. With Ehcache Search, customers can perform real-time queries against terabytes of data stored in their transactional caches.

Lew Moorman Talks Anso Labs, OpenStack and Cloud Revenue

During a phone call this morning, Rackspace Cloud President Lew Moorman flatly dismissed allegations that his company bought Anso Labs to gain extra power within the OpenStack community, and acknowledged that Rackspace is in talks with Microsoft about providing a managed version of Windows Azure.

Dec. 16: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

Today is full of intrigue, at least in terms of relationships among IT vendors. Probably the most intriguing relationships involve Cisco and NetApp, and the foursome that teamed up to purchaseNovell’s intellectual property. Elsewhere, AWS launched VM Import, and open source BI vendors are proliferating.

The Case for Open Source Search in the Enterprise

More and more, open-source search looks to be an alternative for organizing unstructured data in the enterprise. The open source community believes it has advantages in scalability, flexibility and speed over its proprietary counterparts, and is better adapted to the ever-changing needs of today’s enterprise.

OpenStack to Be Production-Ready by January

The OpenStack project has released the full version of its open source cloud-computing platform, marking the debut of OpenStack Compute – the Rackspace-Cloud-Servers-meets-NASA-Nebula compute engine. This release is ready for testing and development, but the group expects a production-ready version by January.

The iPhone’s Challenge to Open Source

Freedom-loving developers have long used open-source licenses as a tactic to maintain the open availability of their source code. With the rise of closed hardware/software platforms like Apple’s iPhone, however, that tactic is being challenged. And that may not be a bad thing.

Blender Foundation Releases Open Source Movie Sintel

The world of open source film making can celebrate yet another achievement today with the release of Sintel, the animated short film that follows in the footsteps of Elephant’s Dream and Big Buck Bunny.Sintel was produced by the Blender foundation to showcase its 3D software.

Are We Headed to an Open Source Enterprise?

A number of factors — cost, security, control — make large-scale open source adoption both a valid option and a difficult choice for enterprises. On the one hand, it’s cost-effective, inherently agile and reliable. On the other, it’s innovative, disruptive and therefore risky to business owners.

Come Talk With Us About the Open-Source Enterprise

The promise of a completely open-source enterprise is near, but the nagging question remains: Will it work as a business for the technology industry? On Sept. 29, about 75 entrepreneurs, executives and investors will gather at the GigaOM San Francisco offices to discuss that very question.

Come Talk With Us About the Open-Source Enterprise

The promise of a completely open-source enterprise is near, but the nagging question remains: Will it work as a business for the technology industry? On Sept. 29, about 75 entrepreneurs, executives and investors will gather at the GigaOM San Francisco offices to discuss that very question.

iPhone App Exchange: Where's the Open Source Love?

The iPhone Application List, an iPhone app review site, on Monday launched its App Exchange, a repository of source code for iPhone apps. However, Apple should launch its own open-source code repository for apps, especially since it’s fighting for mindshare against the open source Android platform.

Leave Virginia Alone: On Open-source and Proprietary Threats

While the term open source used to conjure up socially lost Linux cave-dwellers, in recent years, open source has gone decidedly mainstream. Even as open source-focused startups spread out, proprietary software players are acquiring open source companies and spreading their influence. Are these healthy trends?

Google's Open Manifesto Tells It Like It Is

Google’s Jonathan Rosenberg, senior VP of product management, late Monday put what was more of a tome than a post up on the company’s blog, entitled “The Meaning of Open.” Originally sent to Google employees as an email, it reads like a manifesto.

Open-Source Business Models Aren't Dead-End Streets

This year, open-source platforms and applications have shown how disruptive they can be. The companies that have built successful businesses based on open source have done so by being shrewd, and understanding that their models have to be different from firms that simply sell software.

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