Open compute project

How Facebook plans to make happen

In a 70-page white paper released Monday, Facebook, Qualcomm and Ericsson tried to connect the app and cloud world with carriers as part of the effort. Even if this doesn’t bring broadband to all, it’s a necessary conversation.

New Open Rack spec shows how important two inches can be

New guidelines for the design of wider data center racks are available for discussion, according to the Open Compute Project. In theory, racks designed using the Open Rack 1.0 specification will allow more flexible, energy-efficient design of data center resources.

Need a new data center? Here’s a shopping guide

Most companies in the market for a new data center deal in total secrecy with agents and data center providers under NDA. Cloud backup player Backblaze is turning that model on its head by publishing the RFP it’s using for its new data center.

As Facebook grows, so do its data center needs

What will Facebook do with the ginormous amount of money it will raise as part of its forthcoming IPO? No one knows – except a big piece of it will go towards building its backend infrastructure that can manage a billion users and all those Facebook connections.

Top 5 tips from cloud superstars Hamilton and Bechtolsheim

Amazon’s data center whiz James Hamilton and Sun Microsystems’ co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim starred at the Open Compute Foundation debut in New York Thursday. Here are the top five threads coming out of the event that could help you run a leaner, greener data center.

Backblaze open sources 135TB storage architecture

Less than two years after open sourcing the design of the 67TB “storage pods” that underpin its cloud backup service, Backblaze is at it again. This morning, it shared on its blog specs for a new, 135TB storage pod that costs only $7,384.

Facebook will build more data centers

If you think people are over-sharing on the Internet today, brace yourself, says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. As the sharing booms, so will the online data. And Facebook plans to build more of its own data centers to deal with the coming data boom.

Facebook’s Infrastructure Czar Jonathan Heiliger Leaves

Jonathan Heiliger, Facebook’s vice president of Technical Operations, has been the Palo Alto-based web giant’s public face when it comes to all things infrastructure. And today he announced that he would leave the company at the end of the summer.

Michael Dell Is Keeping His Head in the Clouds

While Michael Dell is bummed he didn’t see the tablet revolution coming, he’s also not sweating it much, apparently. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the CEO of Dell Inc. says the company’s main focus remains the enterprise market.