Like consumers, game developers increasingly going mobile

The Game Developers Conference said more than half of its attendees last year were from mobile game development companies and the trend is likely to continue this year as Google, Qualcomm and RIM pour more money into mobile-focused developer days and booths at the show.

Video: Cloud gaming on the iPad with OnLive

OnLive’s game service is already available for Android devices, but there’s an iOS version in the works. Here’s a hands on demo with the beta client on an iPad, along with the OnLive wireless controller, which I think brings a much better experience than the touchscreen.

OnLive brings cloud-based gaming to phones & tablets

OnLive is taking another big step in its evolution, with the launch of apps for mobile phones and handsets to make any device a gaming device. Users can now play high-quality games on devices with a fraction of the processing power included in high-end gaming PCs.