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Cyber Monday: By the numbers (from IBM) It was a spectacular Cyber Monday! And it was the biggest online shopping day in history according to IBM (s IBM), which…

Warby Parker raises $36.8M to expand fashion eyewear brand

Warby Parker has apparently raised $36.8 million in a Series B round, according to a new SEC filing. The online eyewear seller has succeeded by building a strong brand based on hip styles, low prices, customer support and a mission to donate glasses to needy people.

Amazon is stifling the e-commerce revolution

Amazon continues to defy gravity deep into its second decade. That’s terrible news for consumers and competitors says Michael Schreck of Zmags. E-commerce needs competition to innovate. But for that to happen, we need to ditch the old e-commerce model, and embrace discovery shopping.

At Warby Parker, the power of branding is easy to see

Warby Parker, the New York maker of hip glasses, had an amazing year in 2011 with its stylish designs, low prices, customer service and social mission. The success comes down to the work the company did in building a coherent brand that has resonated with consumers.

Shoptime’s $50m heats up Russia’s e-commerce war

With Russia recently becoming Europe’s biggest internet market, retailers are fighting over who can dominate proceedings. Now flash sales site KupiVIP is pumping $50m into online shopping rival Shoptime to try and crack the nascent market.

Mobile and the rise of the smart buyer

The emergence of the smartphone is changing consumer behavior in many ways. And this holiday season we are going to see smartphones play a bigger role in how we shop. Thanks to smart apps and smartphones, we are seeing the rise of the smart buyer.

Boticca Brings Etsy’s Model to High-End, Global Design, an online marketplace connecting high-fashion,independent jewelry and accessories designers with fashonistas looking for hand-crafted Czech crystal collar necklaces and gold-foil-and-pearl jellyfish rings, has received $2.5 million in funding. The Series A round comes from both international and Silcon Valley investors.

Boo Who? Europe’s Biggest Dot-com Casualty Is Back

Swedish entrepreneur Ernst Malmsten presided over the rise and fall of, Europe’s most notorious dot-com failure. Now he’s ready to try his hand at online retail once again — but what has he learned from more than a decade in the wilderness?

E-Commerce Satisfaction Dips to Lowest Point in 6 Years

While Amazon and Netflix increasingly win over web consumers, a significant decline in online retail customer satisfaction dropped overall e-commerce satisfaction to its lowest point since 2004. That’s according to the latest figures from ForeSee Results’ annual e-commerce report on American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Is Amazon Losing Its Edge as a Media Retailer?

Amazon’s success as an online retailer is the stuff that entrepreneurial dreams are made of. In 15 years, Amazon has defined and continued to shape how we shop online – especially for media like books, movies and music. But something unexpected is happening as more media is consumed in the cloud and less on printed pages and plastic disks. Amazon isn’t being as successful here.