Online Advertising

Tubemogul raises $20M to grow its video ad platform

Online video advertising is hot, and attracting some serious venture capital: Video ad platform Tubemogul just closed a $20 million Series C round of funding to pay for more hires and and expand internationally. The round comes after Tubemogul decided to focus exclusively on advertising.

How Obama’s data scientists built a volunteer army on Facebook

As voters increasingly spend their leisure time with things other than newspapers and television, political campaigns need new methods of making sure their messages reach those people. Obama for America’s Rayid Ghani took to Facebook to find not just possible voters, but possible campaign workers.

Social ad targeting firm 33Across raises $13.1M

New York-based 33Across, an ad tech startup that uses vast amounts of social data to target audiences, has raised an additional $13.1 million from Pelion Ventures, Flybridge Capital, Greycroft Partners, First Round Capital and others.

With new funding, AdRoll eyes Hollywood

Chances are, you’ve had an experience like this: you check out a product on a retailer’s site and then an ad for it follows you around the Web. Get ready to see more retargeted ads for gaming, sporting events and movies.

Privacy rater adds Facebook apps to report card

Privacy is a bit like the weather — everyone talks about it but no one does a damn thing about it. Sure, it’s creepy that these companies track you and munch your personal information. But are you really going to ditch Facebook and every other online convenience of modern life?


The capex connection: Why we pay for privacy on the Web

There is a big connection between Facebook’s large and growing infrastructure budget and advertising, the latter of which is the primary culprit behind many privacy concerns. The gist is that ad-supported web platforms such as Facebook have to spend lots of money on infrastructure in order to maintain adequate performance levels and power new features. However, that means every dollar spent on infrastructure has to add up to even more money brought in by advertising. Simply put, the true costs of building new infrastructure take a huge bite from a company’s bottom line — in more ways than one.

The trouble with Twitter? Bad, bad advertising

Almost a year after it angered users with its ‘quick bar’ advertising, and several months into its new Promoted Tweet service, Twitter’s ad platform seems as shaky as ever. Is targeted advertising a myth, or can Dick Costolo and team turn it around?

With Tynt buy, 33Across wants to be a user-data powerhouse

Ad-targeting company 33Across is acquiring link-tracking specialist Tynt Multimedia, resulting in a combined user graph spanning 1.25 billion users. Both are storing and analyzing billions of transactions daily, and they will use that data to help publishers compete on ad sales against mega sites like Google.

60% of YouTube’s video ads are skippable

Google SVP of ads Susan Wojcicki said on the company’s earnings call that 60 percent of all video ads that appear on YouTube are TrueView ads, meaning that viewers can skip it and move on to the video if it’s not relevant or interesting.

Mobile advertising matures with private ad exchanges

Rich media ad firm Medialets is launching Medialets Private Marketplace, a buying platform that lets advertisers directly plan, buy and execute on Medialets’ collection of top publishers. The marketplace reflects the emergence of private exchanges in mobile and the growing maturation of mobile advertising.

News flash: Yes, Facebook is selling you to advertisers

A breathless report says Facebook is going to use its new Timeline feature to appeal to advertisers. But is this really surprising? Like most free web services, Facebook has always relied on advertising — and adding social elements to advertising is the future of the medium.

Flash analysis: assessing Yahoo’s options

Long a big force in online media, Yahoo and its once-successful online portal business model is struggling. So we decided to ask GigaOM readers what they thought Yahoo should do, and we published the results in a flash analysis on GigaOM Pro.

Adchemy nabs $61M in Microsoft-led funding round

Adchemy, the six-year-old online ad technology company, has raised $61 million in a Series E funding round led by Microsoft. This round brings the total venture capital invested in Adchemy to $116 million, Adchemy CEO Murthy Nukala told me in an interview on Tuesday.

How to succeed on Broadway? Mix Facebook, fans and video

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying is making a big push on Facebook, with a contest to find its biggest fan by asking users to record video testimonials. Those testimonials become great word-of-mouth advertising for other potential theater goers.

With big picture in mind, Pixazza rebrands as Luminate

Pixazza, a digital ad platform that embeds e-commerce links to items within online photos, has renamed itself Luminate. The newly branded company is broadening its services, turning into a platform for apps that generate in-photo links for a wider array of categories beyond clothing and accessories.

Yahoo growth options dwindle

Yahoo reported another disappointing quarter, with core revenues down 5 percent to just over $1 billion. Its display advertising business was up…

Big data leads to a big revival for display ads

It looks like rumors of display advertising’s death were greatly exaggerated. Nearly all the tech industry’s largest players are expected to report growth in their display ad businesses for 2011, with Facebook leading the pack. Why are display and banner ads on the upswing?

Taykey launches out of stealth mode with $11M VC

Online advertising platform startup Taykey officially launched out of stealth mode Thursday with the announcement of a $9 million funding round led by Sequoia Capital. The round officially serves as the two-year-old company’s series B funding and brings Taykey’s total investment to $11 million.

Online ad spending poised for 20-percent jump this year

Strong demand for U.S. display advertising, especially video and banner ads, is helping pump up projections for the overall online advertising market, which is now set to grow by 20 percent this year to $31.3 billion, according to revised estimates from eMarketer.

Privacy Legislation’s Potential Impact on Online Media

Last week, the bipartisan Kerry-McCain bill proposed legislation on a Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights that would put the FTC in charge of policing the online collection, sharing and use of personal information. That has far-reaching implications for the online media business.

Facebook Faces Stiff Competition in Social Search

Could Facebook’s social search patent mean that it is building an alternative to Google? If so, the social media giant will have to set itself apart in a field already crowded with big players and some innovative upstarts.

The UK Comes Gunning for Twitter — This Time Over Ads

The U.S. isn’t the only government knocking on Twitter’s door right now, it turns out. Officials on the other side of the Atlantic are also casting their eyes over the site — if for very different reasons. Their focus is on disclosing paid Tweets.

Yahoo Goes Hyper-Local With Content (For Targeted Ads)

Yahoo really isn’t in the “check-in” game, which means it has to find other ways to bring advertisers together with local users. One attempt is the new Yahoo Local beta which delivers hyper-local content from local publishers through the web in 30 initial locations.

News Alert: Big Growth for Internet Ads Through 2014

eMarketer, a New York-based research firm estimates spending on U.S. internet advertisements, will grow 13.9 percent to $25.8 billion for the full year. It expects a 10.5 percent increase in U.S. online ad spending in 2011, followed by double-digit growth every year through 2014.

Packet Inspector Kindsight: We’re the Google of Web Security

Kindsight’s efforts to pair deep packet inspection for PC security with targeted behavioral ads will serve as a good test to see how well it can utilize the controversial DPI technology and make it attractive to consumers concerned about maintaining their privacy.

YouTube Bucks Ad Trends With Short, Targeted Campaigns

When it comes to selling advertising on online video, two different approaches are becoming clear: longer and broader, or shorter and targeted. YouTube’s current strategy reflects the latter, but studies show audiences are ready for a higher ad load. Is one strategy superior to the other?

Study: For Ads, Length Matters Less Than Relevance

Ad platform TidalTV has released a study comparing click-through and video completion rates on both 15-second and 30-second ads on streaming video. In terms of click-throughs, the results find that targeted ads perform better than untargeted ads — even when they’re longer.

Get Ready to Watch More Video Ads Online

Recent studies show that online viewers hit by a higher load of ads aren’t dropping off the way they might. In fact, they may be able to watch more ads on content — perhaps as many as those on television — especially if ad formats continue to evolve.

AppNexus Raises $50M for Real-time Ad Platform

AppNexus has stepped up its fundraising, bringing in $50 million for its real-time display advertising platform from existing investors as well as Microsoft. The company has now raised $65.5 million over the last three years from investors including Venrock, Kodiak Venture Partners and First Round Capital.

Why Online Ad Categories Are Won By New Entrants

Every startup fears than an established brand will one day acquire a rival or build a similar offering and instantly become the industry gorilla. But there is mounting evidence that suggests online ad categories are not cornered by deep-pocketed brands, but by new market entrants.

iPhone Owners Hate Ads, Study Says

Everyone — from app developers to startups such as AdMob to Google — are feeling bullish about the megabillion-dollar potential of mobile…

UBS Turns Sour on Advertising, Even Online

A note from UBS Internet analyst Ben Schachter advises that deteriorating economic conditions are likely to impact online advertising, not just in the short-term but in the long-run as well.

Metrics: Trouble in Online Adland

PubMatic, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup focused on online advertising, just released its PubMatic AdPrice Index based on data from over 3,000…