UK audit office probes 4G auction results

The audit office will investigate the auction, which took more than £1 billion less than the government had predicted. However, the rationale for the government’s forecast remains highly questionable.

UK offers a shortcut to 4G, but angry Vodafone protests

A shortcut offered to Britain’s biggest mobile operator could allow some UK users to get their hands on 4G services well ahead of next year’s expected rollout. But the decision has drawn a splenetic reaction from rivals who say the deal could massively distort competition.

Finally, Britain looks set for 4G… but not for a year

Britain’s severely delayed 4G auction came a step closer with confirmation that the bidding for mobile spectrum will finally open up. But with regulators suggesting it won’t happen until early next year, UK consumers won’t see any real LTE service until well into 2013.

ITV Fined $11.14 Million For Phone-In Scandal

A week ago there was the rumor that British broadcaster ITV (LSE: ITV) could be fined a record $7.8 million (4 million pounds) for its part…

British Spectrum Auction Set For Next Year

British regulator Ofcom will auction spectrum next year: “The 1452MHz to 1492MHz radio spectrum is being freed up by the transition from ana…