Want to go public? It might not be a good time

The window of opportunity for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) is almost closed according to a report released by the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) in conjunction with Thomson Reuters. The report points out that the Q3 2011 was the weakest since the end of 2009.

VC funding for web reaches 10 year high

Venture capital investments continued to grow at a rapid clip during Q2 2011, with investments in Internet-specific companies rising to the highest quarterly level since 2001. But some industry experts are saying that the current level of VC activity may be unsustainable.

Big Money VC Deals are Back

Big money deals are back in style. Venture firms dropped nearly $5.9 billion on 736 deals during the first quarter of 2011. Fourteen companies got at least $50 million, while four drew more than $100 million – numbers not seen since the third quarter of 2001.

VC Funds Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Venture Capital firms continued to struggle to return cash to investors raising concerns about the long-term prospects of obtaining funding from limited partners. The 10-year return, the best gauge for success, fell to -4.2 percent, down from 14.3 percent a year ago, according to the NVCA.

IPO, M&A Boosting Venture Capital Fortunes

Venture capital industry is seeing a return of the good times thanks to growing number number of exits, according to data from NVCA, during Q3 2010, there were 104 mergers and 14 IPOs of venture backed companies. And the trend will continue through 2010.

Seed-Stage Investments Jump Sharply in Q2 2010

New data from National Venture Capital Association shows a sharp increase in seed- and early-stage companies. 429 such deals accounted for $2.3 billion in new investments during the quarter, up 32 percent from 325 deals in the first quarter of 2010.

Come See the Incredible, Shrinking VC Industry!

New data just released by National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) and Thomson Reuters shows that the VC industry is starting to shrink with some rapidity. In Q2 of 2010, new money committed to venture funds plunged 49 percent from Q1.

What You Should Be Reading Today

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Let's Create a New Tech Startup Myth

The NVCA today released data that confirms what we’ve known for a while: without 1999’s fat exits, venture industry returns are suffering. As a result, capital will become scarce, which could make it the perfect time to change how we view technology startups.

As VC Industry Shrinks, First-Time Investments Plummet

It’s been suggested that the venture capital industry needs to shrink to as little as half its former size, and new data from the National Venture Capital Association shows that it’s almost there — with some evidence suggesting that further contraction is in order.

Are VCs Divorced From Reality?

The NVCA today released predictions for the coming year that appear to embody the kind of cognitive dissonance one sees in a person with Stockholm Syndrome. The surveyed members of the NVCA predict a smaller industry but remain unusually optimistic about investment dollars and staffing levels.

NVCA Creates Jobs Database

[qi:021] The National Venture Capital Association launched a job listings service today to track open positions at venture-backed startups. The new site,…