Kurion dominates Fukushima radioactive water cleanup

Nuclear waste cleanup startup Kurion (which I once called the most successful greentech startup you haven’t heard of) says it’s responsible for removing 70 percent of the radioactivity from the waste water at the Fukushima nuclear plant after last year’s disaster.

Nuclear: Do we or don’t we?

Professor Tom Murphy does the math on nuclear and helps us consider if it’s a solid option for the world’s base load power, an energy trap or a safety and environmental nightmare.

How NoSQL Is Helping Allay Seattle’s Radiation Fears

Researchers at the University of Washington utilized the Cloudant NoSQL database as part of an experiment that determined radiation levels in Seattle as a result of the recent Fukushima nuclear disaster are “well below alarming limits” at that particular location.

Here Comes the Backlash to Japan’s Nuclear Disaster

It’s still not clear how big a disaster Japan’s nuclear problem is yet, but what is clear is it will have far reaching effects on policy and public relations around nuclear power. It’s been front and center in global media and policy debates this weekend.

Helion Energy Seeks $20M For Fusion Engine

Helion Energy, a startup developing engines powered by nuclear fusion, is certain to pique the interest of sci-fi fans. But the more…

Cablevision’s triple play wins

Cablevision added 79,982 more cable modem service users and signed up 74,142 new Internet phone users in the third quarter 2004. Their…

Apple’s IPhone For Real Dude

Okay with all the idle chatter about Apple’s IPhone, there might be something in the works. Type IPHONE.ORG and guess where it…