Nuance Communications

Why Apple Should Buy Nuance

Earlier today, the web lit up with rumors that Apple was buying Nuance, which sent the Nuance stock soaring. Forget the rumors; there are some good reasons why Apple should buy Nuance, even if it costs a pretty penny, especially as it competes with Google’s Android.

Dragon Dictation Hits the BlackBerry

Voice control of smartphones can be a useful way to interact with information and to make things happen. I use Dragon Dictation on the iPhone and the iPad. The folks at Nuance have shared that Dragon Dictation is now available for select BlackBerry phones.

Nuance Buys Macspeech

Nuance, which owns Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, said it’s buying MacSpeech for an undisclosed amount. With sales of Apple’s computers on an upswing, it makes sense for Nuance to add the top speech recognition product to its portfolio.

Why On-the-Fly Mobile Translation Technology Won't Happen Soon

Google is developing technology it hopes will translate foreign languages almost instantly as users talk on their phones. But while the software could transform the way we talk to each other around the world, as Google acknowledges, it will likely take many years to achieve.

Nuance Buys Philips Speech For $96.1 Million

Burlington, Mass.-based Nuance Communications, which is focused on speech recognition, has acquired Philips Speech Recognition Systems, a bu…

Nuance Buys SNAPin For $180 Million In Stock

Nuance Communications, which develops voice-recognition software, said today it is acquiring privately-held SNAPin, a Bellevue, Wash.-based…

Vlingo Working With Sprint, AT&T

Vlingo, a Cambridge, MA-based start-up that has developed voice-based interface for mobile phones is working with AT&T and Sprint, according to The…