NRG Energy

Huge Arizona solar panel farm now 2/3 completed

The Agua Caliente solar project in Yuma County, Arizona — which is one of the world’s largest solar panel farms — is now two thirds completed, according to the owners and developer of the project, NRG Energy, MidAmerican Solar and First Solar.

NRG gobbles up Solar Power Partners for distributed solar

Clean power giant NRG Energy has mostly been building a solar empire based on large centralized solar farms, but it’s keenly interested in the distributed solar market. That explains the company’s announcement that it has bought a project developer Solar Power Partners.

BrightSource Energy plans 3rd massive solar farm

BrightSource Energy is still building its first solar farm, but the company already is steaming ahead with the third, 810 MW project called Rio Mesa, for which the company said Friday it has applied for approval from the California Energy Commission.

NRG Energy embraces vehicle-to-grid tech

Clean power giant NRG Energy will partner on a vehicle-to-grid project that was developed at the University of Delaware and will use parked electric vehicles as grid batteries, helping stabilize the grid, and offering electric vehicle owners money.

First Solar won’t get loan guarantee for $1.9B project

Solyndra’s bankruptcy has shined a harsh spotlight on a federal loan guarantee program, and that spotlight now includes a company that’s in better financial health than Solyndra. First Solar announced Thursday it won’t get a billion-dollar loan guarantee for a California solar project.

As web VC investing booms, cleantech slows

Earlier this week figures from the latest MoneyTree report found that VC funding for web startups has reached a 10-year high. Contrast that with the funding figures from Dow Jones, which found that venture investment in the energy sector dropped by more than half.

Aptera raises $2.25M in debt, restructuring

Three-wheeled electric-car startup Aptera has already delayed the launch of its car and has discussed restructuring and moving its manufacturing out of California. But it looks like the company is not completely down for the count: According to a filing, Aptera has raised $2.5 million in debt.

Hara Raises $25M From GE, NRG, ConocoPhillips, Itochu

On Wednesday morning energy software startup Hara plans to announce that it’s raised another $25 million from new strategic investors, including the collaboration of GE, NRG Energy and ConocoPhillips (called Energy Technology Ventures), as well as the investing arm of Japanese conglomerate Itochu.

7 Solar Farms Coming Soon to the Southwest Deserts

A whole lot has changed since we rounded up the solar farms that are planned for the deserts of California and Arizona, from farms changing hands, to the DOE handing out loan guarantees. Here’s 7 of the solar farms that are being built in Southwestern deserts.

DOE Offers $2.1B Loan Guarantee for Giant Solar Farm

It’s a double-whopper: The federal government is offering the largest loan guarantee commitment yet to what will be the world’s largest proposed solar farm. Blythe Solar is set to get $2.1 billion in loan guarantees to build part of a 1,000MW plant in California.

Suniva Bags $94M After Ditching Fed Loan Guarantee Plan

Solar cell developer Suniva , which recently decided to suspend effort to secure a federal loan guarantee for a new factory, has raised about $94.4 million in equity out of a $115 million goal, according to its filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

NRG Energy Scoops Up 9 Solar Projects Out West

NRG Energy just scooped up a portfolio of nine solar development projects in California and Arizona. Through subsidiary NRG Solar, the New Jersey-based power producer has bought the projects for an undisclosed price from US Solar Ventures Holdings.

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