Akiban goes wider with its cool NewSQL database

Akiban, the hot Boston-based NewSQL database startup, is making two offerings Akiban Server and Persistit available as downloads this week. To date beta testers have run Akiban Enterprise as an add-on to existing SQL databases. Akiban Server goes it alone.

Real World NoSQL: Membase at Tribal Crossing

Like most social games, Tribal Crossing applications have a very high database write rate –- changes to the game state must be stored so the user doesn’t lose her game score, “loot” or location. Tribal Crossing migrated from MySQL to Membase to support a higher write rate.

Real World NoSQL: Amazon SimpleDB at Netflix

Netflix offers rent-by-mail and streaming movies. The shift from mail-order to streaming video had fairly significant implications for Netflix’s application infrastructure. Netflix realized it would need multiple geographically dispersed data centers and far more processing capacity so it turned to Amazon’s Web Services.

Real World NoSQL: HBase at Trend Micro

Trend Micro maintains web reputation databases that allow intelligent detection of spam, phishing, or suspicious web sites. It processes data accumulating at the rate of about four petabytes per year. Here’s why Trend Micro settled on Apache Hbase as the core database of new elastic infrastructure.

Jan. 11: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

Today’s links pose some good questions about both cloud computing and NoSQL. For cloud computing, the question is about what’s the right blend of old-school and new-school, and for NoSQL it’s whether the next year will bring consolidation, proliferation or both.

Why Cloud Computing Sells and NoSQL Is Fading

Three years ago, I spent a few post-Thanksgiving hours wondering whether applying the cloud label to everything – now commonly referred to as “cloudwashing” – was a wise idea. In the meantime, marketers correctly decided it was, but concern over the wisdom of overusing buzzwords hasn’t gone away.

What We’re Reading About the Cloud: August 18

As the days of summer wane, the news is a bit light, but Intel’s beefed up Atom chips for storage and a positive technical review for Northscale are among the blogs we found interesting today. It’s hardly beach reading, but dive on in.