In Its Latest Crusade, Google Takes on Patents

Google has bid $900 million for Nortel’s patents, and in the process, appears to be starting its own war with the patent system. However, underneath its high-minded rhetoric about keeping people free to innovate, Google is beefing up its war chest to ensure control over Android.

What's Left of Nortel Today?

Almost a year after Nortel filed for bankruptcy, we take a look at what’s left of the 114-year-old company that began as Northern Electric and Manufacturing to sell telephones to Canadians. All that remains are some patents and an IP phone joint venture with LG.

mocoNews Quick Hits 7.06.09

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WiMax Axed By Bankrupt Nortel Networks

Nortel Networks said it will no longer support WiMax as it tries to restructure after filing for bankruptcy protection two weeks ago. Reuter…

Nortel Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Telco equipment company Nortel Networks has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in its native Canada and in the U.S. The Toronto comp…

Nokia Siemens Networks Makes Deeper Cuts

Nokia Siemens Networks plans to cut an additional 1,300 employees as part of an overall restructuring. The telecommunications equipment maker has cut about 6,000 workers and plans to lay off a total of about 9,000 before its restructuring is complete.

Nortel Adds Another License To LTE

Nortel has come out saying it will charge “about” a 1 percent royalty rate for its Long Term Evolution patents, although RCR News points out…

4G Wireless & the Ensuing Bandwidth Boom

I sat down this week with John Roese, chief technology officer of Nortel and one of the most astute people I know in the broadband business. Since he seems to have a much better handle on the 4G timeline than others in the wireless industry, I asked him about the wireless backhaul business and the bandwidth demand that LTE will create. Continue Reading

Dell Thinks Small Biz is Big Biz for VoIP

Dell begins bundling Fonality’s open-source software with its enterprise servers today, its latest gambit to compete in the already-crowded VoIP market —…