Nook Color

Fragmented Android tablet market can still mean big money for devs

Ansca Mobile, maker of the Corona cross-platform app development tool, released a new Corona SDK today that supports the Kindle Fire and Nook Color separately. Ansca says it makes sense to treat those devices as their own opportunities because they represent separate platforms with sufficient differences.

1 in 4 tablets from last quarter run on Android? Hmmm…..

More than one in four tablets last quarter ran on the Google Android platform says Strategy Analytics, dropping Apple’s iPad market share to two-thirds of all tablets. But the data is based on shipped tablets, not sold, and includes Android 2.x devices, plus an e-reader.

Amazon Kindle tablet launching next week?

Given that a press invite from Amazon just hit my Inbox for next Wednesday, it’s a safe bet that the long wait for Amazon’s tablet entry is about to end. It’s not meant to compete with the iPad, but at $250, it ought to sell well.

3 reasons a new Nook Color is likely coming soon

Barnes & Noble is reportedly planning a new Nook Color tablet as early as this month, based on information from Asian component suppliers. This makes sense for at least three reasons, especially since Amazon is soon to enter the market with a tablet of its own.

The many ways Amazon could price a successful tablet

Amazon is expected to enter the tablet market soon; if priced at $300 or less, Forrester believes Amazon can sell 3 to 5 million slates this year. I don’t know about those sales figures, but I do know how Amazon could price it’s tablet even lower.

Updated Nook Color shows a smart $249 tablet strategy

The Nook Color gains new magazines with enhanced interactivity, along with performance updates, in a software update today. At $249, many iPad competitors could learn from the “tablet that’s not a tablet” approach: Focus on key features at a reasonable price and customers will see value.

Anyone can turn Nook Color into an Android tablet for $35

While it’s relatively easy to turn the Nook Color into a full-fledged Google Android tablet, non-techies may want a foolproof solution. Starting at $35, the Nook2Android microSD card offers just that. Pop it into a Nook Color, power up and choose either e-reader or tablet mode.

Nook Color E-Reader Hits 1M Tablet App Downloads

The blending of e-readers and tablets continues while Barnes & Noble creates new revenue streams with its mobile app store for the Android-powered Nook Color. The company today announced more than one million software downloads from the Nook Apps store, which launched just a few weeks ago.

Nook Color Hands-on: E-reader, Tablet, or Both?

Yesterday, Barnes & Noble released a software update for the Nook Color, bringing an app store, Google Android 2.2 and other tablet-like features. I ran out to buy a Nook Color to see if this solid e-reader could be a usable tablet. Here’s what I found.

Now Nook Is A Cheap Android Tablet

Barnes & Noble released software for its Nook Color e-reader, bringing Android 2.2 and third-party software to the $249 device. At this price, consumers may opt for a multipurpose e-reader over a tablet. Why not, when you can play Angry Birds, YouTube vids and check email?

B&N Solicits Apps in Nook Color Tablet Transformation

Barnes & Noble has picked up the pace to turn its Nook Color device into a full-fledged Android tablet on the cheap. The $249 e-reader will soon see an updated version of Android and the company is now accepting third-party applications for its software store.