The Morning Lowdown 07-06-11

»  Sony (NYSE: SNE) Music suspects pranksters hit Irish website (Reuters)

»  Does Turnover Signal Tumult at The Huffin…

The Morning Lowdown 01.25.11

», the official online home of the 83rd Academy Awards, is promising to make this year the “most interactive Oscar Nigh…

Texas Tribune Shows Non-Profit Doesn’t Mean Non-Growth

The Texas Tribune, a non-profit media startup focused on public-service and investigative journalism, turned one year old this week and co-founder and CEO Evan Smith says the company has exceeded most of its growth targets and is still seeing “hockey-stick” increases in traffic and readers.

Public Radio Exchange Raises $2.7 Million

Public Radio Exchange, a non-profit which operates an online marketplace that independent radio producers use to upload content so that it c…

The Morning Lowdown 08.02.10

»  The iPhone jailbreak courtesy of Comex had been plagued by over-extended servers, but it looks like some have finally gotten th…

Omidyar Network: $500,000 for Web TV in Kenya

Pieree Omidyar’s philantrophic investment company has given $500,000 to a Kenya-based TV show called the XYZ Show as part of its latest round of technology investments. The grant is supposed to help XYZ to expand its mobile and online offerings and fund its next season.

The Mac for Non-Profits: A Value Proposition

If you manage a small to medium sized non-profit, chances are that you’ve never considered Macs for your organization, or that if you have, you’ve been turned off when you see that the cost starts at around $1000 per machine. Let’s face it, operations budgets at non-profits are usually the tightest.