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Cisco scales its mobile core to meet the smartphone boom

As mobile app usage explodes, wireless equipment vendors have been forced to not only keep pace to with radio technologies scale the Internet infrastructure behind them. Cisco has built a new mobile core to handle the enormous data loads the smartphone has heaped onto wireless networks.

Thanks to Nokia Siemens Networks, iPhones May Run Longer

Have you noticed your iPhone battery lasting longer since the iOS 4.2.1 update? If so, you might have Nokia Siemens Networks to thank. The company says Apple included support in the latest software upgrade for a more efficient radio signaling standard called Fast Dormancy.

That Gigabyte Phone Will Cost You

Nokia Siemens Networks today released data showing consumer spending on mobile broadband in Europe is up 40 percent from a year ago. The data is a barometer not only for demand for mobile broadband but also the bite it will take out of consumers’ wallets.

Could Crowdsourced Data Put 4G Networks on Auto-Pilot?

Nokia Siemens Networks today launched a mobile application to measure and report real-time 3G connectivity service levels. That’s similar to a crowdsourced consumer app from Root Wireless, but if NSN can embed its solution in the network equipment it provides, future data networks could be self-optimizing.

Nokia's U.S. Disappearing Act Continues

Shares of Nokia (s nok) plummeted after the world’s largest handset maker posted a brutal quarter and a loss of $832 million.…

As Its Stock Sinks, We Wonder What's Wrong With Nokia

Nokia today posted a 66 percent plunge in second-quarter earnings and a 25 percent drop in sales, and said it’s no longer expecting its market share this year to increase over 2008, sending its shares to close lower by 14 percent. And they’ve lost more than half their value over the past 12 months. Why? Nokia is under siege from its own legacy. The company has become so comfortable with its position as the No. 1 handset maker that it’s failed to realize that the ground is shifting under its feet.

Carriers Demand More Data, Consumers Get Less Privacy

While the revenue from wireless data plans is rising to about a fifth or a fourth of carrier’s wireless sales overall, a survey released today indicates carriers aren’t satisfied. Taking a page from web firms, they want to know how their subscribers are using wireless broadband, in order to make more money.

Nokia Siemens Networks Buys Atrica

[qi:069] Ethernet’s growing importance as part of the carrier networks, especially in newer telecom economies such as India and China, is one…