On Broadband, VoIP Finds Its Voice

One in five broadband lines has a VoIP service attached to it, according to analyst firm Point Topic. They estimate nearly 22 percent of consumer broadband lines have a VoIP service. That’s about 112 million lines at the half-way mark in 2010.

Skype Boots Nimbuzz, Tightens Grip On Ecosystem

Skype, the big daddy of Internet telephony, Skype is cutting off Nimbuzz, the upstart mobile VoIP company from Netherlands. In addition, the company is exerting a tighter control over its mobile ecosystem, especially as it signs up lucrative partnership deals with mobile phone companies.

Nimbuzz Shows Mobile VoIP Is Rocking

Nimbuzz, the Rotterdam, Netherlands-based Mobile VoIP start-up says that different variants of its mobile app have crossed 150 million downloads. The service has over 30 million users. Nimbuzz users have talked for 3.65 billion mobile voice minutes since the app downloads began in May 2008.

100M Mobile VoIP Users by 2012 = a Fat & Happy Skype

The mobile VoIP market is seen growing to 100 million users by 2012, according to the latest research from UK-based Juniper Research. Which means incumbent phone companies will soon be looking to buy their way into the space — good news for VoIP startups.

Nimbuzz Comes to Android. Nice.

Nimbuzz, a Netherlands-based messaging and VoIP company has released an Android app. It already offers its apps on the iPhone and Symbian platforms. The company says it just crossed the 13 million user-mark and is currently adding about a million new registrations each month.