After being down, Jawbone’s UP gets back up again

Jawbone is coming back to the market with a brand new (and much improved) version of its much maligned UP wearable device that tracks your personal data including time spent walking. This time, it faces considerable challenge from Nike’s increasingly popular, Fuelband.

Bluetooth gets physical with new fitness certifications

As more people pick up connected pedometers, specialized exercise trackers and personal calorie-counting devices that connect back to the web, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group is trying to capitalize on the trend with new certifications for running and cycling. This is a win for consumers.

Path integrates with Nike+

Path announced today that it has integrated with the Nike+ FuelBand, allowing users to track their movement throughout the day and receive motivation from friends using Path. The connection marks an important mainstream partnership for Path, which has struggled to gain widespread adoption from users.

Facebook makes another mobile push, launches App Center

Facebook announced today that it’s launching the App Center for its mobile platform, allowing users to get personalized app recommendations on their phones through the Facebook app, demonstrating the company’s connect with third-party app developers and push to integrate with mobile.

Apple Looking to Help iOS Users Get Fit?

Thursday, Apple filed a patent application for “personalized fitness services” on a handheld device, focusing on exercise in a gym setting. Features would include how-to videos for equipment, as well as the ability to check on classes and possibly schedule training sessions.

Gigahertz? No! What Matters Is the User Experience

Today, it is increasingly pervasive in our society to have an obsession with metrics and numbers without context. And as modern technology has started to get more complex, these metrics and other numbers have become a crutch for marketing and spin.