Why Apple needs iTunes Radio

Halfway through this year, digital song sales are actually down 2.3 percent: 682.2 million in 2013, versus 698 million a year ago. Meanwhile, digital streams of music are up 24 percent.

Mobile app installs rise, but time in apps barely moves

Over the past year as more consumers have adopted smartphones the number of installed applications is up from 32 to 41. Yet the amount of time spent using those applications hasn’t changed much, indicating that developers might be challenged when it comes to increasing application engagement.

Smartphone owners turn to retail mobile websites over mobile apps

Based on metering of 5,000 smartphone phones, Nielsen said five top retailers found that smartphone users during the holidays preferred mobile retail sites 51 percent to 28 percent for native apps. The findings suggest retailers need to focused on both native apps and the mobile web.

Surprise! Over-55 crowd adopting smartphones fastest

Nielsen’s third-quarter metrics show that 62 percent of the 25-to-34-year-old U.S. population has a smartphone. But the fastest-growing age group adopting smartphones last quarter is a surprise: It’s the 55-to-64-year-olds. That means mobile app developers have an opportunity right now.

iPhone, Android phones trump feature phones in recent sales

It won’t be long before most phones will be smartphones, which are outselling feature phones in recent sales, according to new figures from Nielsen. The firm said smartphones made up 55 percent of recent phone acquisitions in May 2011 in the U.S.

Android Passes iPhone as Most Desired Smartphone. Barely

Android has been outselling the iPhone recently but Apple’s iPhone was still the most desired smartphone. Not anymore. According to Nielsen, 31 percent of respondents in March said they want their next smartphone to be an Android device, while 30 percent said they wanted an iPhone.

Cord Cutting’s Not Real (Unless You’re Under 25)

Statistics presented by Nielsen tday suggest that fluctuations in cable subscription numbers are due not to cord-cutting, but “cord-swapping,” with consumers switching between different services. However, that still doesn’t explain the rise of broadband-only households among the under-25 set, who are embracing cable-free life.

Why Hulu Didn’t Save Caprica

Did online viewers kill Caprica? Not exactly, says SyFy Digital’s GM Craig Engler. However, Hulu and Co. don’t bring in nearly as much money as traditional advertising, which is why Nielsen ratings still matter more than anything else when it comes to a show’s fate.

DVR Users Watch More TV, Just Not Live TV

TV execs have often lamented DVRs usage, since timeshifted viewers tend to fast forward through ads, making them less valuable to advertisers. But new data shows that DVR users don’t just watch more TV than non-DVR owners, but they watch more ads than you’d think.

Nielsen: Viewers Watched Less TV Per Month In Q2

The average amount of time U.S. viewers spent watching TV declined by about 14 minutes a month in the second quarter. But don’t worry, TV execs, that’s out of about 140 hours of TV viewed on average, and about 30 seconds less TV per day.

Books and Video Win on the iPad, and Users Are Buying

Although the iPad is still relatively new, early indications are that a majority of users are willing to pay for content — whether it’s apps or games — and that news and music are the two most popular forms of media consumed, with books a close third.

Nielsen Extends Measurements to Online Campaigns

The Nielsen Company is working to extend its ratings measurements to online campaigns, giving advertisers the ability to understand how well their cross platform efforts are faring. Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings will provide Nielsen’s first look at online ratings similar to the way it’s tracked TV consumption.

Vid-Biz: Netflix, Katzenberg, Project Canvas

Today on the Net: A third of young Netflix users substitute the service for pay television, Jeffrey Katzenberg lashes out at 3-D skeptics, Project Canvas incorporates as YouView and Time Warner could lose subscribers in the third quarter.

Survey Says: 6 Out of 10 Americans Now Own a DVR

Remember how you thought everyone should have a DVR the first time you used one? Well, your dream may almost have come true: Six out of ten TV viewers now use a digital video recorder for time shifting, according to a new survey commissioned by Comcast.

TV Viewers Watch Different Shows Online

While shows like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and NCIS top Nielsen ratings week after week, viewers watching TV content online tune into a different type of fare, with Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and Vampire Diaries topping viewership on video search site SideReel.

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Northstar Buys Nielsen Travel Properties

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Hulu Surpassed 140M Streams in Sept.

Hulu generated more than 142 million streams in September, as the premium content site continues its steady climb up the Nielsen VideoCensus rankings of the top brands on the web.

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