Hyundai wants your NFC-enabled smartphone to be your car keys

Car keys may soon be a thing of the past. Hyundai is testing out a concept in which it allows users to access their car using NFC-enabled smartphones. The tap-and-go interaction can also trigger individual user preferences and initiate streaming between the phone and car.

Netflix and Good Technology like NFC for building access

Netflix and Good Technology both completed the first pilots of NFC-equipped smartphones for building access in Silicon Valley. The tests with HID Global demonstrate some of the utility of NFC beyond payments but also highlight the remaining work to be done.

NFC for payments: Meh. NFC for a keyboard: Cool!

NFC, or near-field communications, is often synonymous with wireless mobile payments, but the technology has other uses too. You can pair Bluetooth devices by tapping them, for example. Or you can go cable-free with this NFC keyboard found in Japan… if you can afford it.

Click! You can unlock that front door by text or NFC

My do-it-yourself smarthome system may be getting an upgrade with an Internet connected front door lock. Lockitron just caught my eye for a few reasons, but the two main ones are support for near-field communications or NFC and no wiring needed for installation.

Infographic: Features your next smartphone may have

What features might your next smartphone have? When you consider new mobile chips, graphics processors, 4G networks, sensors and more, the sky’s the limit. Here’s an overview what you can expect to see in the smartphones of tomorrow, which will top 1 billion sales by 2015.

Intel gets serious about NFC, signs deal for chip technology

Chip maker Intel has been getting some NFC religion lately as it looks to incorporate the short-distance radio technology into its chipset. The latest sign is an agreement with French NFC chip maker Inside Secure, which will provide NFC technology and products to Intel.

NFC: More Than Just a Mobile Wallet

NFC will arrive in handsets in a big way in the coming months, but other components of a viable “mobile wallet” scenario aren’t in place yet. Here are some possibilities for the technology beyond using it to pay for goods at the retail counter.

Who’s Afraid of NFC? Not Square

Square, the San Francisco-based personal financial services company co-founded by Twitter co-creator Jack Dorsey, has a simple mission: to become an iconic…

Apple’s Next iPhone and the Evolution of Mobile Commerce

Hardware already exists that allows the iPhone to receive payments and process transactions. But what if the next version offered the ability to do that and so much more, without accessories? The iPhone could become the lynchpin in a mobile commerce future ripped from science fiction.

An Apple Integrated SIM: What It Could Mean

Earlier this week, I reported on rumors that Apple and Gemalto were developing a SIM that Apple could integrate onto its iPhone motherboard, and through the comments pouring in, I’ve received further confirmation on the rumors and more context on what this might mean.