Android 4.1.2 brings home screen rotation to devices

On Tuesday, Google announced Android 4.1.2 for the Android Open Source Project, which brings home screen rotation to Android devices. Third-party apps have supported this feature in the past, but Google needed to add it and avoid new users from having a bad experience.

Cord Cutters: Our video review of the Nexus Q

Google’s Nexus Q music streaming device officially went up for sale on Google Play this week. The device wants to compete with Sonos, btu also stream videos from YouTube and Google Play. How well does it work? Check out our video review.

Why Google needs the Motorola deal for tablets

China is expected to rule soon on Google’s proposed acquisition of Motorola, with the deal already approved elsewhere. Google needs the deal, especially for tablets, says Goldman Sachs, because the costs are too high to be the default search engine on Apple’s iPad.

Google could be inviting more friends to Nexus party

Google (s goog) may be rethinking its Nexus Android strategy in a big way and addressing two major concerns about the evolution of the software: its proposed deal with Motorola and the slow pace of software updates for Android phones.

Want Google Wallet? No need to root your Galaxy Nexus

Early adopters with a Galaxy Nexus can add Google Wallet software without rooting their handset. Wallet is gaining the spotlight for two reasons: both the convenience factor and the debate over whether Verizon is violating open-access requirements by not including the software on its Nexus.

Google Nexus S is free, but only for a day

Google’s current Android flagship phone, the Nexus S, is available at no cost for new or upgrade customers willing to commit to a two-year contract through Best Buy. The deal is good for one day, starting Tuesday night, but could help Google push its Wallet service.

Google Videos coming to Android phones any day now?

An app that allows phones like the Nexus S to access the Google Videos movie store found its way to the Android Market a few days ago, only to be quickly taken down again. The leak could hint at movie rentals coming to more Android devices.

Sprint Adds Nexus S 4G, Becomes Google’s New BFF

Just after announcing Google Voice integration for all of its customers, Sprint follows up with the Google Nexus S 4G WiMAX handset. Do these two collaborations, in conjunction with AT&T’s planned purchase of T-Mobile, mean more Sprint partnerships with Google, or perhaps even a buy-out?

Android This Week: Nexus S; Priority Inbox; New YouTube

Google dominated the Android news this week, as the company announced a number of products and updates. Front and center was the Nexus S and Gingerbread (Android 2.3), and we had a quick unboxing video. Gmail got Priority Inbox support, and YouTube got a facelift.

Video Introduction to Samsung’s Nexus S

Google’s Nexus S handset has landed at GigaOM HQ and we’ve got a short video showing unboxing and overview of the handset. The Nexus S will be the first smartphone to ship with Android 2.3, or Gingerbread, and offers support for near-field communications and video calls.

Google Looks to Play it Safe With Nexus S

The Nexus One was designed to push the state of Android hardware and establish a direct-to-consumer model for unlocked phones. Now Google seems to be trading its ground-breaking approach for something more familiar, friendly and safe with the Nexus One’s heir apparent, the Nexus S.