7 Stories to read this weekend

Why are American men not charming, a growing suicide epidemic, a killer tornado and the new George Soros are some of the must reads of the week. And then there is The Zen Master, the hot new architect. Enjoy these reads.

Can Andrew Sullivan make post-industrial journalism pay?

Blogging superstar Andrew Sullivan dropped a bombshell on Wednesday by saying he is leaving The Daily Beast and setting up his own subscription-based website. Can he become the first prominent success story in what some have called the move towards “post-industrial” journalism?

Clay Christensen, newspapers and the cliff of despair

Like other industries that have been disrupted by new forms of competition, Clay Christensen says that newspapers were almost incapable of taking the steps they needed to take — even long after the danger of not taking those steps had become abundantly obvious.

Newsweek and the Gray Lady: Your Future Awaits

Ever since the news hit that Newsweek’s new owner is merging the publication with Tina Brown’s new-media entity The Daily Beast, there has been a wave of criticism over the decision to kill Newsweek’s website. But is that such a bad idea? Not necessarily.

What’s Next For Newsweek?

While Newsweek now has a new owner, most observers are still leaving the magazine for dead. Even the new owner, 91-year-old Sidney Harman, p…

Newsweek by Some-Really-Crazy Numbers

Peeking through Washington Post (NYSE: WPO) Company’s 2009 10K is instructive, if you want to know the current state of Newsweek. Or even th…