Ben Huh re-imagines news for the mobile generation

Circa, the stealthy mobile news startup from Cheezburger’s Ben Huh and SimpleGeo’s Matt Galligan, is trying to build a news application that is native to smartphone and tablet users. In a video interview, Huh explains what’s wrong with news today and how it needs to change.

Technology, middlemen and the future of news

The internet is supposed to be about the end of intermediaries. Then why are middlemen so successful? For years, aggregators have ruled the content space and now a new breed of brokers is using technology to redefine the interaction between readers and publishers.

Syrian lesbian blog is a hoax: So who’s to blame?

A Scottish man has revealed he’s the writer behind a blog detailing the life of a gay Syrian woman. But as the inquest begins into how he fooled the world’s media and thousands of readers, can we really insulate ourselves from fakes and liars?

Google Looks to Twitter As a Social Layer for News

Google is reportedly testing the integration of Twitter within Google News, which would allow users to login and see news stories shared by people they follow. Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently said the web giant would be adding “a social layer” to all its services.

Do Users Really Want Social News From Google?

Google’s latest attempt to get more social is a redesign of Google News that adds a number of features, including the ability to share clusters of stories, and to vote on news sources. But is that what visitors to Google News really want from the service?

Is Google Trying to Make Its News More Human?

Google is experimenting with adding a human element to its News pages, a new feature called “Editor’s Picks.” But is it trying to curry favor with media outlets that have accused it of “stealing” their content? Or is it an admission that algorithms are not perfect?

Location Meets News in Metro-Foursquare Deal

In one of the first marriages of news content and location-based services, the Canadian arm of the free paper Metro International has announced a content deal with Foursquare, the popular mobile location-based service, that will give users the ability to see local news and reviews.

Does Google Even Understand What News Is?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt, in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece this week, set out to argue what has been said a million times before: The Internet isn’t killing news. But while he was stating the obvious, some of his points didn’t exactly help Google’s case.

NTFS for Mac OS X 7.0

Today it’s the foundation for all modern pre-installed Windows systems. It replaced the aging FAT (File Allocation Table) file system with a…