Thursday is D-Day for Clearwire (and Sprint)

Clearwire has to decide if it will make a $237 million interest payment on Thursday, a decision with big repercussions for the rest of the industry. If it skips the payment, it can build its LTE network, but if it defaults, it threatens its benefactor Sprint.

Does the World Really Need Another Twitter?

UberMedia is said to be working on developing a social network that would compete with Twitter. But while the company is arguably the most well-funded of all those who have tried, and there would be benefits to having multiple players, the odds are stacked against it.

Network Awesome Is Like TV Land for the Online Set

Network Awesome is a virtual TV station that brings viewers four to six hours of curated old-time TV a day. Like TV Land, but online, the site serves up a host of videos that are entertaining, educational — and above all, nostalgic.

Chrome OS: What Is It Good For?

The Cr-48 offers marginal hardware and an imperfect experience, but as Google very clearly stated, this device isn’t going to be sold in the market. The real story to focus on is ChromeOS and what it really means, and who Google is targeting.

Where to Watch Net:Work 2010 Live Online

Today marks the introduction of GigaOm’s first Net:Work conference. The conference will examine the future of work, with topics ranging from the human cloud to new collaboration tools to the management of a remote workforce. Can’t join us in person? Then check out the live stream.

Is a Distributed Workforce Good for Business?

We’d say… yes. A 24/7 global workforce and no pricey office space. Net:Work 2010 will bring together the major players, from CIOs to entrepreneurs, that are building and planning for the distributed workforce. Meet the people and the companies behind the “human cloud.”

Can Networking Be Made Cool Again?

VC investing in networking and communications has fallen out of favor, decreasing faster than VC investment in technology overall. Indeed, there just aren’t that many new ideas walking in the door. So can networking be made cool again. It can, and here’s why.

Hire IQ: 7 hiring tips for startups

Editor’s Note: Trevor is the editor of “Red Canary”:, a great online magazine/community just like Found|READ, but which is focused on “fast-growth…

Genius Scheduling Opens Up

If you’ve ever used the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store, you’ve used their Concierge Service. You can sign up from…