Netflix to start streaming Disney movies

Netflix has signed a deal with Disney that will make the studio’s films available for streaming. New feature films won’t be included until 2016, but some classics, like Dumbo and Pocahontas, are available now.

Netflix Q2: Meets revenue target, misses on subscribers

The company meets investor revenue expectations, reporting $889 million for the three-month period ending April 30. But its 530,000 net streaming subscriber additions in the U.S. apparently hasn’t impressed investors — shares are down big in after-hours trading.

America, show me your broadband usage

I demand a lot from my broadband connection. But I was surprised to see my family uses 125 gigabytes of data a month. And that got me wondering. How much do my parents use? My friends? The little old lady down the street?

Netflix shareholders vote to change board structure

Shareholders vote overwhelmingly to change the company’s classified board status, which features various members serving staggered terms of differing lengths, into a standard structure in which members come up for vote every year. While non-binding, the vote could leave Netflix more open to takeover.

Report: Netflix beats Apple as No. 1 online movie supplier

Netflix’s fast-growing subscription VOD business now consumes 44 percent the online movie market compared to just 32.3 percent for Apple’s iTunes, according to research company IHS Screen Digest. This, of course, is a bad sign for studios pushing for higher-margin digital movie sales.

How Netflix really did save the CW

With around 18 percent of its audience consuming its programs on digital platforms, the CW has emerged as broadcast TV’s most innovative network in terms of tracking and monetizing digital viewers. But without that billion dollars from Netflix, where would it be?

Netflix adds 3M subs, beats forecasts, stock craters

Company’s stock got hammered in after-hours trading, despite the fact that it posted a lower-than-expected first-quarter loss of 8 cents per share and met its anticipated subscriber growth. The quarterly loss is Netflix’s first in the last seven years.

Netflix streaming users now outnumber DVD subscribers 2:1

Netflix now has close to twice as many streaming subscribers than DVD subscribers, according to its most recent financial statement. And with DVDs declining rapidly, the company has to look elsewhere to finance any further international expansion. Plans to go abroad are completely nixed for 2012.

What To Expect From Netflix Today

Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) will report its Q4 ’11 earnings later today, but whereas I’ve taken stands in past quarters about subscriber acquisitio…

Netflix was 2011’s biggest loser in customer satisfaction

Netflix had a rough year ever since it announced a major price hike and an ill-advised plan to spin off its DVD-by-mail service. That’s led to a massive decline in customer satisfaction, as the once high-flying company saw its rating drop to its lowest ratings ever.

Netflix Debacle

Netflix announced that its DVD-by-mail operations would soon be rebranded “Qwikster,” and that the service would be separated from the streaming service…

Netflix bringing back Arrested Development

Netflix has scored a big coup in bringing back one of the most critically acclaimed TV comedies of the past decade. Variety reported that Netflix has finalized a deal with 20th Century Fox Television and Imagine Television to create new episodes of Arrested Development.

Time Warner Cable continues big bet on broadband

Time Warner Cable continued to lose video subscribers, but it’s trying to make that up by betting heavily on broadband as its core service. It’s winning over both existing customers who buy DSL, as well as those who don’t currently pay for its video services.

Netflix lost 800,000 U.S. subscribers in third quarter

Netflix’s subscriber attrition in the wake of a price hike and separation of its streaming and DVD businesses is even greater than first thought. The company ended the quarter with 23.8 million subscribers in the third quarter, which is down 810,000 from the previous quarter.

Kindle Fire will prime the pump for Amazon Video

Amazon unveiled its Kindle Fire tablet Wednesday, announcing what is expected to be the first widely adopted tablet based on Android. The Kindle Fire not only marks the iPad’s first real competition, but could also position Amazon’s Prime Instant Videos as a potential threat to Netflix.

The Morning Lowdown 09-26-11

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Amazon guns for Netflix, adds 2,000 Fox streaming titles

Amazon is ramping up its Prime Instant Videos streaming service, adding 2,000 more titles through a deal with Fox. That brings the total number of streaming titles in its Prime library to 11,000, more than double the amount that it launched with in February.

Forget TV — broadband is the future of cable

Video services still make up the bulk of cable operator revenues, and pushing broadband has been shunned by many who are afraid that such a move would relegate the cable to being a dumb pipe. But the future of cable might actually be selling Internet access.

Netflix Finally Arrives on Some Android Phones

Ever since Netflix first went mobile with an iPad app last year, jealous Android users have patiently awaited availability of the online streaming service on their own devices. Well, the wait is finally over — at least for owners of a few select Android handsets.

The Morning Lowdown 05-06-11

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How Netflix Is Hurting Youtube

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and cofounder of HDNet, offers running commentary on Blog Maverick and allows us to publish it her…

Deluxis Wants to Be the Next Hot TV Network — Online

Deluxis is a small startup with a big dream: to create a subscription-based network for compelling online-only content on the web. But is it time for TV-quality shows to start going to the web first? And if so, can Deluxis attract the audiences those shows deserve?

Popcornflix Brings Indie Films Online for Free

Film distributor Screen Media Ventures is launching, a website that will let indie film fans watch hundreds of movies for free, in an ad-supported format. But can movies with ads bring in as much money as licensing to Netflix or renting through iTunes?

Fandor Targets a Netflix Weakness: Social

Indie film subscription service Fandor is focused on building a social experience for its users, enabling them to share and connect with indie film fans in their social graph. In a video interview, Fandor COO Monty Kosma talks about the social aspects that set it apart.

Now Playing on Netflix: More Streaming Subtitles

Netflix is finally making progress on one of its most-requested features, adding subtitles to more than 3,500 films — representing 30 percent of all streaming. The company hopes to increase that to 80 percent by the end of the year, also adding subtitle support on more devices.

Survey Says: Netflix Subs Could Jump Ship to Amazon

Netflix is seeing its first taste of real streaming video competition, as Amazon unveiled a subscription video service linked to its Amazon Prime free, two-day shipping offering. But how many Netflix users will jump ship? According to a recent survey, maybe more than you think.

CBS Picks Netflix Over Hulu to Stream Classic Shows

CBS and Netflix announced a deal that will bring “dozens” of CBS shows to Netflix streaming subscribers. The deal maintains CBS’s status as the only major broadcast network to keep its content off Hulu, and gives Netflix subscribers access to shows previously unavailable online.

Big Media Wants More Money From Netflix

The power struggle between Netflix and content providers became more pronounced in earnings calls for Time Warner and News Corp. Execs from both companies made it clear that they want more money for their content — because Netflix is seen as a rival to other distribution platforms.

Amazon Appears Ready To Challenge Netflix

If these screen grabs unearthed by Engadget on Saturday are as legitimate as they appear to be, Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) could have a new rival…

Netflix’s Next Big Problem: Keeping Quality Content

Netflix has built a sizable streaming library, with more than 20,000 titles now available. So why is it that, when the company is spending more money than ever securing streaming content, I’m finding less and less to watch through its streaming service?

10 Tools to Get the Most Out of Netflix

Wish you could search for Netflix by age bracket, use movie ratings from Rotten Tomatoes to find the best movies available or calculate how much you’re paying per stream? Then check out our list of ten essential tools to get the most out of Netflix.

The Morning Lowdown 01.07.11

»  Having lost the music battle against Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) and iTunes, despite undercutting its rival with deep download discounts…

Will Movieclips Make You Want to Watch a Film Again?

A survey conducted by the film scene hosting site indicates that watching a scene from a movie almost definitely impacts a person’s decision to watch it. And using clips as a discovery tool is something that Movieclips hopes to turn into a viable business model.

Is the Netflix Button a Threat to Regular TV?

How mainstream has Netflix streaming become? So mainstream that it will soon have its own button on remote controls for new connected TVs, Blu-ray players and other devices. But how much of a threat will the Netflix button be to regular TV?

Survey Says: Netflix Turns TV Viewers Into Cord Cutters

Almost every third cable or satellite TV customer would consider to cut the cord and replace cable with online video, according to a new J.P. Morgan consumer survey. Give those people a Netflix subscription, and they’re even more likely to say good-bye to the cable guy.

How Netflix Shares Continue to Beat Cable

Netflix’s stock price has soared over the past year, leaving it with a market cap of $9.3 billion and trading at 67 times earnings. But can the subscription video firm continue to confound investors as it transitions from DVD-by-mail to streaming videos online?

Studios Fear Netflix Will Kill Cable VOD

Texas customers of cable TV provider Suddenlink will soon receive their first TiVo DVRs, but one crucial feature will be missing from those devices: Netflix is contractually not allowed to deliver its service to gear deployed by cable companies. The reason? Hollywood wants to protect VOD.

Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBCU, YouTube Terrorism, Time Warner-Netflix

Today on the Net: online video will be at the heart of the Comcast-NBCU federal regulatory review, YouTube is relying on users to flag videos that might be responsible for inciting terrorist violence and Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes calls Netflix names in the NY Times.

Netflix Spreads the Love: More Content for Canada

Netflix wants to improve the quality of its streaming offering in Canada, adding “hundreds” of new titles there, including TV shows like Weeds, The Tudors and Kids in the Hall. Netflix claims the service has more video “than you can watch in a lifetime.”

Hey Hollywood: Netflix Isn’t the Enemy; Old Thinking Is

Hollywood studios and TV programmers are becoming increasingly uneasy about Netflix’s effect on the video industry and cannibalization of their existing business models. But refusing to work with a company offering billions for their content isn’t a solution — it’s just part of the problem.

Netflix Adds More First-Run Movies for Streaming

Netflix has struck another deal that will give it exclusive access to streaming movies in the pay TV window. Beginning in 2011, new film production and distribution firm FilmDistrict will begin making its movies available on Netflix streaming shortly after they are available on DVD.

Comcast vs. Level 3: Netflix Didn’t See This Coming

Netflix really was just out to save some money when it decided to switch a sizable portion of its CDN business from Akamai to Level 3 in November. Instead, it started something that may turn out to be the Internet’s equivalent to an international armed incident.

Netflix Streaming Plan Lowers Price But Boosts Margins

Getting DVDs from Netflix just got more expensive, but the company is also introducing a cheaper streaming-only option for all those customers that keep forgetting to send back that disc they got three months ago. The pricing changes reflect the costs associated with streaming and postage.

Boom or Not, Internet Bandwidth Prices Still Falling

You’d think the need for copious amount of bandwidth would drive up prices. And yet, the price of Internet bandwidth continues to fall. Telegeography shows prices for the IP transit are declining as traffic volumes grow more than 60 percent annually.

Even Netflix Can’t Avoid Android Fragmentation

When it comes to streaming video on connected devices, Netflix may be king, as it is now available on more than 200 different consumer electronics devices. But the one hurdle it still can’t overcome is finding a way to deliver its subscription video service on Android.

Half Of Netflix Streams Are TV Shows

TV show episodes account for half of the content streamed on Netflix, according to the company’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos, who also has an interesting explanation for this phenomenon: Netflix previously gravitated towards licensing TV content because most of its early movie catalog was “junk.”

Netflix Goes Down, Apocalypse Ensues!

Nearly 2 million new subscribers signed up for Netflix in the past quarter, but they’re bound to be disappointed, as the company’s website and streaming service are both down today. We’re waiting on word from Netflix on what caused the outage and when service will return.

Is Netflix at the Mercy of Big Cable?

Netflix has grown tremendously over the last several years, due to takeup of its streaming service. But its reliance on others’ broadband networks and its competition with pay TV operators running those networks could put Netflix at the mercy of the companies delivering its streams.

Netflix CEO: ‘We Are Now a Streaming Company’

Netflix now considers itself a “streaming company which also offers DVDs by mail,” according to CEO Reed Hastings in its management commentary. Netflix now spends more money on streaming content than on DVDs, and consumers now stream more videos than they watch on DVD.

For Apple, Holidays Are Going to Be Very Appy

Apple has started selling iPads in non-Apple stores. Demand for iPhone 4 is at an all-time high, and the newly updated iPod touches are flying off the shelf. Add AppleTV to the mix, and you can see Apple on verge of a blockbuster quarter.

Next Up for Netflix: Android Phones and Tablets?

Now that Netflix has an app on the iPad and the iPhone, it could make a push into the Android ecosystem based on job postings that have cropped up. An Android app could expand Netflix’s audience base even further, especially on new Android-based tablets.

Netflix May Launch Streaming-Only Plan in the U.S.

Netflix could launch a subscription plan that comes without any physical DVD rentals in the coming months, according to a blog post by the company’s CEO Reed Hastings. A plan like this would echo the new Netflix offering in Canada that also only offers online streaming.

Time Warner Cable Really Hates Online Video

Time Warner Cable subscribers won’t be able to get Epix anytime soon, as the cable provider has decided not to carry the network or its broadband services. At the heart of that decision is Epix’s recent deal with Netflix to make its film catalog available online.

Netflix on iPhone: You’re Gonna Like It

Netflix today released its iPhone/iPod touch app that allows subscribers of its video streaming service to get video on their iPhones and iPod touches. Netflix is on a path of diversification away from DVD by emails, as it is betting that streaming is the future.

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Weekend Poll: What’s Next For Netflix?

Netflix signed up with Epix this week, paying a reported $1 billion over five years for the right to stream Epix content online. That’s the second such deal Netflix has struck, which begs the question: With which company should the DVD rental service partner next?

Did Netflix Pay Too Much for Epix Content?

Netflix is paying an estimated $200 million dollars for its newly-won rights to stream Epix content to its subscribers online. Is that too much? Some analysts are cautioning that costs could become prohibitive once other partners are going to demand the same kind of rates.

Look Out, Cable Guys — Netflix Is Gunning for You

Netflix finalized a deal with Epix giving it access to new movies for its online streaming service. The deal will make it a more attractive alternative to cable services, as Netflix subscribers will now be able to stream more movies in the pay TV window.

Netflix Could Pay $1B for Epix Content

Maybe they both like that their brand names end in -ix? Netflix and the premium cable channel Epix are currently negotiating a potential deal that would give Netflix “exclusive online rights” to films by Epix equity partners Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate and MGM.

Did Netflix Investors Sell Too Soon?

Netflix has seen its stock fall nearly 20 percent since announcing its second-quarter earnings call, in which it failed to please investors due to just in-line revenue figures, higher subscriber acquisition costs and higher churn. But were investors too rash in shedding their Netflix shares?

New Netflix Streams Are Child’s Play

By adding a wealth of childrens’ programming to its instant streaming service, Netflix is focused on the next generation of online video viewers today. In its bid to win younger audiences, the company has added new streaming titles from Nickelodeon, PBS and Disney.

60% Of Netflix Subscribers Stream Films Online

Netflix continues to see subscribers and earnings increase due to customer adoption of its streaming service. With 60 percent of users logging in to stream videos, Netflix blew away Wall Street earnings estimates and looks to continue its growth throughout the rest of the year.

Netflix Loses Big In Postage Increase

One big loser in the The United States Postal Service’s planned rate hike is Netflix, which could see its costs to support its DVD-by-mail business increase by an additional $50 million a year in postage and handling if the proposal goes through.

Google, Netflix & The Power of Focus

Google and Netflix stocks are moving in opposite directions — down 29 percent for the search giant and up nearly 99 percent for the video company. Their stock trajectories speak volumes about their strategies and their ability to focus on their core strengths.

Quick Hits: Holiday Round-up

»  MySpace (NSDQ: NWS) is looking to restructure its search ad partnership with Google (NSDQ: GOOG) by including Microsoft (NSDQ:…

Netflix Is Coming to the iPhone

Netflix is rolling out a free iPhone app, the company’s CEO Reed Hastings announced during Apple’s WWDC keynote event today. The new app will offer access to the entire Netflix VOD catalog via instant queue and search and also offer streaming through AT&T’s 3G network.

Netflix: The Future Is Streaming

Netflix expects its DVD-by-mail business to peak in 2013, at which point its Watch Instantly streaming service will drive growth in the company. That’s the gist of a slideshow posted on the company’s jobs site detailing its plans and the competitive outlook for its streaming business.

Netflix Goes HD on the PC

Netflix is finally making some of its streaming titles available in HD on the PC, a full 18 months after the subscription rental service first announced support for HD on the Xbox 360, Blu-ray players and other connected devices.

BookRenter Lands Netflix Co-founder as Board Member, a textbook rental service for students, has landed a big fish for its board: the startup said today that Netflix co-founder and former CEO Mark Randolph has joined as a director. BookRenter called the addition of Randolph an endorsement of its Netflix-style service for textbooks.

The Future of Energy Innovation Is In Smart Algorithms

A new type of energy-focused startup has emerged focused on innovation around smart algorithms. These companies are using information analytics — in the same way that the web giants Amazon, Google and Netflix do — to mine information and use it to help reduce energy consumption.

Netflix: Two Billion DVDs Served

Updated: I was still working at when Los Gatos, Calif.-based Netflix (s NFLX) started shipping DVDs via the U.S. Postal Service.…

Here Come Broadband TVs

Ever since I sat down with Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix (s NFLX), at our NewTeeVee Live conference this past November,…

Netflix Updates Q3 and Q4 Guidance

No one escapes the economic downturn! DVD-by-mail rental company Netflix issued an update to its guidance saying that its third quarter net income and EPS will fall within previous guidance, but lowering expectations for its fourth quarter.