Stick a fork in netbooks, they’re done

Goodbye Eee PC and all other netbooks from Asus; the company is no longer producing the small laptops. Acer followed Asus into the netbook market and is following it out as well. What happened to this once quickly growing market? Tablets disrupted the space.

How to get Windows 8 beta running on a netbook

Now that Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform is available for testing, people have to consider where to install it. I have two old netbooks in the closet, just collecting dust; it turns out, netbooks should mostly work for Windows 8, provided you know the limitations and workarounds.

Cufflinks double as USB drive, Wi-Fi hotspot

The next time you struggle to buy a gift for the man with everything, consider a $250 set of cufflinks he likely doesn’t have. These aren’t just any old ones; how about a pair that doubles as a 2 GB flash drive and Wi-Fi hotspot?

Report: HTC may build a Chromebook. Should they?

Smartphone and tablet maker HTC may dip a toe in the Chromebook pool. But based on reportedly low Chromebook sales, it may be a puddle, not a pool. HTC has shown product innovation before, but does it make sense to build a Chromebook now?

Feature wars and computing shifts: Netbook vs. Tablet

Tablets began outselling netbooks earlier this year, but the small laptops still have their fans. One person created a list of 101 things a netbook can do and it’s a great read. But I’d argue that most consumers are moving away from such traditional computing activities.

Intel Hopes to Revive Notebook Market With Ultrabooks

Facing a growing challenge from mobile chips based on ARM architecture, Intel is coining a new name for old devices. Ultrabooks will be sub-$1,000 notebooks that are thin, light and more capable than netbooks. Is this a rehash of the failed CULV experiment from 2009?

Google Chromebooks: What You Need to Know

If netbook sales are declining, why would Google announce, not one but two new Chromebook devices with Chrome OS? Google’s web expertise has turned data synchronization into a core feature instead of a useful, but tricky add-on that traditional netbooks don’t deliver out of the box.

iPad 2 and Upgraded Tablets Will Accelerate Sales

Tablet sales are expected to more than double to 24.1 million sales in 2011, up from the 10.3 million sold in 2010, says Forrester today. That pace will push tablets beyond netbooks by 2015 and will be driven by more frequent upgrades by consumers.

Google Chrome OS: What You Need to Know

Google launched Chrome OS today, but it won’t be available for sale on consumer devices until mid-2011. Instead, Google used today to tout improvements of its browser and share news on the features it will bring to Chrome OS while businesses and consumers beta test it.

Google’s Chrome OS: What to Expect at Launch

More than a year after introducing the world to Chrome OS, a browser-based operating system, Google is setting the stage to launch the first devices and a supplemental web app store. Here’s what to expect from the Google Chrome event that takes place tomorrow.

Market for Chrome OS Netbooks: Rusty

Chrome OS devices are coming soon, with several vendors planning to offer them. When Google announced Chrome OS, it sounded ideal for mobile web-workers, but the market has completely changed since then. As a result, the window of opportunity for Chrome OS netbooks may be closed.


Netbooks–low-cost portable computers–have changed the entire landscape of portable computing. They’ve become new, on-the-go choices for users who choose them as primary…

Clamcase and LapDock Cram the iPad into a Netbook

LapDock and Clamcase look like they both had the same idea at the same time: convert the iPad into a netbook/slate hybrid, and get the best of both worlds. The idea is genius, and the execution, from what we can see so far, looks great.

The Rise of Netbooks

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Why We’ll See Google Chrome OS Devices by Mid-Year

When Google announced its Chrome OS initiative last June, we entered a waiting period until the second half of this year. But now reports indicate that Acer is prepping a Chrome OS device sooner than that. Here’s why I think those reports are likely accurate.

What’s Missing in the $699 Viliv S10 Blade?

At CES, Viliv showed off its convertible multitouch netbook but held off on pricing and availability. U.S. pre-ordering is coming soon but what do you get for $699? More importantly, what’s missing in this configuration — at least two major functions you should know about.

5 Must-Have Programs for Netbooks

Most of us have those essential programs we can’t live without, and they are usually the first things we install on a new netbook. They are highly personal choices, and with that in mind here are my five must-have programs for netbooks.

Dell Mini 10 Netbook Gets WiMAX

The Dell Mini 10 netbook is a solid performer, and the new WiMAX option makes it even more so. The $60 will work with either Sprint or Clear WiMAX networks, as the modem is unlocked. No word on how WiMAX will impact battery life.

Fujitsu Netbook Pairs Big Display Res With Small Mousepad

Fujitsu’s MH380 netbook sports a nice high-resolution display and an edge to edge keyboard that looks comfortable and well designed. So what’s not to like? For starters, the keyboard is only part of your input method — you’d better have small fingers for the mousepad.

Google's Chrome OS: Why It's Not a Layup

Whether it fails or succeeds, Google’s upcoming Chrome OS will be one of the biggest technology stories of this year. As predictions of its promise in tablets and elsewhere proliferate, though, the hurdles that this operating system faces become clearer.

Android Ecosystem — This Week in Android

This week I got a glimpse of a new ARM-powered netbook running Android but it doesn’t appear ready for prime time. My Nexus One Desktop Dock also gets a workout and I’m on the fence about adopting a new Twitter client. Can you help me decide?

ExoPC Breeds a Netbook with an iPad

Imagine a mad scientist attempting to breed iPads with Windows netbooks. What devious devices could possibly come from such experimenting? How about a slate with looks from Cupertino but the brains and features from Redmond. “It’s alive. It’s ALIVE!”

CES Highlights: New Mobile Concepts and More

As day two of CES unfolds, lots of innovative new products and initiatives are showing up, including as-yet-unseen concepts for netbooks and mobile displays, numerous type of tablets, and more. Here are some of the notable debuts.

Why a Google Slate Could Dominate

Slate (or tablet) devices will begin coming to market in a big way next year from a host of manufacturers and developers. And Google — with its Chrome OS — is well-positioned to quickly become a leader in the space.

Next-Gen Netbooks to Get a Boost From New Atom Chips

If you’re in the market for a netbook, it’s a good time to pay close attention to Intel’s new N450 processor — and some remarkable deals on the mini-notebooks based on the chip. New technologies may cause many more people to take netbooks seriously.

Jolicloud's Beta Netbook OS: Run It With Windows

Jolicloud is an ambitious new netbook operating system from a European startup that offers some advantages over what Google’s upcoming Chrome OS will likely have. Here’s a look at this promising pre-release OS that’s intended to run alongside Windows.

The State of the Smartbook

Netbooks have been a rip-roaring success since they hit the market a year and a half ago, and smartphones have taken the gadget world by storm. Now, companies like Qualcomm, Freescale and Nvidia are hoping there’s room for another type of uber-portable device: the so-called “smartbook.”

8 Timely Tips for the Netbook Buyer

Netbooks, low-cost portable computers optimized for web usage, are continuing to sell at a torrid pace. If you’re in the market for one, here are eight tips to help you make a good buying decision.

What's Next for the Netbook Market?

While smartphone sales have proliferated, netbooks are a burgeoning market that was put in the spotlight when Google (s goog) announced its…

My Netbook: The iPhone

A few weeks ago my dad had some pretty hefty surgery. All told, the surgery itself was seven hours long, and by…

The GigaOM Network on Chrome OS

Without a doubt, Google (s goog) stole the spotlight with the announcement of its upcoming Chrome operating system late yesterday and sent…

MID Market Disappointing

Intel (s intc) has been madly pushing the Mobile Internet Device (MID) for some time. MIDs are positioned to be cheaper handheld…

Why I Think Apple’s Touchscreen Netbook Is Real

Some Asian news outlets are reporting rumors that suggest Apple is working on a touchscreen netbook-like device. Such a device has been rumored for a while, and just as it redefined the MP3 player experience and reinvented the iPhone, Apple is going to pursue the netbook opportunity. But it won’t be with anything like the cheap, anorexic laptops being sold as netbooks today.

Why Netbooks Are Greener Than Laptops

It was just over a year ago that small, low-cost netbooks hit the market, and since then they’ve become one of the…

More Bad News From AMD

AMD (s AMD) ditched its fabs to stay alive, but apparently that isn’t doing the trick. Today the chipmaker announced that its…

Indian Telco Offers Free Netbook With a Wireless Contract

Reliance Communications, an Indian wireless operator is now offering free netbooks in exchange for a two year contract for its wireless data service. Say hello to the new computing business model where laptops are sold just like cell phones.

Organizing Apps on the iPhone

Ask my wife about how neat I am, and she’s very likely to laugh at you for referencing me and the word…

What Do You Want in a Mac Netbook?

Rumors about small devices that run Mac OS X are a dime a dozen most days. Putting aside for a moment the…

Will Mark Kingdon's Reign Boost Second Life?

Second Life, the user-created world backed by Linden Lab, has found itself in an increasingly competitive market lately; Google’s Lively is just the latest entrant into the virtual world space. So I sat down with Linden’s recently appointed CEO, Mark Kingdon, to find out how he plans to turn things around.

How to manage geeks

Geeks are, well, special people.  They don’t think like normal people and they get excited over the strangest things.  I’m not making…

Grumpy Old Telecoms

It is like you are watch telecom version of Grumpy Old Men – Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau fighting over Ann Margret.…