Coraid delivers its flexible cloud storage vision

Coraid built its business with fast-and-simple ATA-over-Ethernet storage which doesn’t require expensive infrastructure upgrades. Now it’s diving into software-configurable storage with EtherCloud which incorporates Yunteq cloud orchestration technology the company acquired last year.

Tandem readies $32M fund; preps for new mobile investments

Tandem Entrepreneurs has closed its second fund, raising $32 million, which it will use to further its core mission: investing in early-stage mobile startups. Tandem began in 2007 as a capital fund for mobile startups, but has since expanded to become a small mobile-only accelerator.

DiData launches OpSource cloud services

Systems integrator Dimension Data bought OpSource for its cloud services in June, and is now unveiling the updated cloud offering under its brand. The updated services include a public compute-as-a-service cloud, a private version of same, as well as managed hosting and managed services.

Coraid raises $50 million for cheap scale-out storage push

Scale-out SAN vendor Coraid raised $50 million in additional venture funding in a Series C round led by Crosslink Capital, joined by other new investors Seagate, Kinetic Ventures, and Silverlake AG. That brings Coraid’s total VC take to $85 million in 7 years.

VMware’s slow and steady attack on storage

VMware has transformed the enterprise computing model more than any other company in the past decade. Now, with the latest release of vSphere containing several new storage features, VMware is set to disrupt storage. Its parent company, EMC, and NetApp may want to stay alert.

EMC, NetApp Make It a Big Day for Big Data Star Hadoop

The recent excitement around Hadoop has culminated in five new Hadoop products today from EMC, NetApp, Mellanox, SnapLogic and DataStax. What’s interesting now is that we’re seeing large technology vendors with hardware expertise pushing gear optimized for Hadoop.

Cheezburger Network Gets Real With Bag of Misfits

The Cheezburger Network, which never met a meme it wasn’t afraid to aggregate, has another experiment in store. Instead of captioning pictures of cats, though, the new channel tackles a genre left previously to hidden camera shows and MTV’s Jackass: reality comedy.

Doubling Down on Scale-out Storage

NetApp’s move to acquire Bycast this week was just the latest investment by a major systems provider in scale-out storage — but are they really ready to ride the commodity hardware cost curve embraced by large web and cloud providers?

Why Both EMC & NetApp Want Data Domain

The $1.5 billion offer for de-duplication leader Data Domain from NetApp, which has its own de-duplication technology, was an indicator of just how far ahead of the game Data Domain is. And now rival EMC, sensing blood, is outbidding NetApp with its own cash offer. So what is it that makes Data Domain so hot?

Storage Startups Turn Cache Into Cash

Other than the availability of bigger boxes it’s hard to point to big changes in the way we store our stuff. But much like the physical storage industry, which has seen slight innovations in recent years, business-class data storage is quietly making its own incremental improvements — with support from venture capitalists.