Net Neutrality

$41B auction shows net neutrality is no threat to investment

Mo' money, mo' internet

When President Obama called for net neutrality this month, AT&T said the sky would fall. It warned that a policy banning internet providers from giving special treatment to some websites over others would lead companies to stop investing in new network capacity. So much for that.

Inside Verizon’s attack on network neutrality

Verizon filed its 116-page suit to appeal the network neutrality regulations enacted by the FCC. The suit has a glossary, 53 pages of legal argument, inflammatory prose on regulating the Internet and even the FCC trampling ISPs’ first amendment rights, but Verizon may prevail.

It’s baaaack. Net neutrality to get its day in court

Like some hideous policy monster that won’t go away, network neutrality will hit headlines again. Verizon and Metro PCS, the two operators that sued the FCC last year over its rules forbidding ISPs from discriminating against traffic on their networks, won a victory on Thursday.

Forget caps, here’s the next big thing in wireless pricing

In 2012, a “turbo” button will appear on mobile phones, making it the first of many new options that allow customers to customize their data plans by quality of connection, rather than megabytes consumed. We may even see the resurgence of the unlimited plan, with a catch.

Can AT&T, Verizon become high-tech darlings?

Mobile operators may be key players in the mobile data revolution, building its broadband networks. But in the eyes of the markets, the telcos are seen as utilities, while their Valley counterparts are the ‘true’ high-tech innovators. A new study claims operators can change this.

Cue the lawsuits, net neutrality rules begin Nov. 20

The Federal Communications Commission’s controversial net neutrality rules have been officially filed with the Federal Register and will go into effect Nov. 20. But it’s expected to prompt new legal challenges from carriers who question the FCC’s legal authority to implement the rules.

Net Neutrality

The implementation of network neutrality, the idea that all bits of data should be treated equally, became more complicated on Dec. 21,…

Mobile Operators Want Netflix to Pay for Their Networks

Mobile operators are looking for dollars from the content producers. This time, it appears they want over-the-top providers to help fund the cost of building out their networks. But are Wi-Fi offload, congestion pricing and high-margin, machine-to-machine services enough to maintain healthy margins?

Surprise! Akamai’s Mobile Play Isn’t About Video

Akamai and Ericsson are teaming up to help mobile operators better manage and monetize traffic that flows over their networks. The partnership could take advantage of recent net neutrality ruling by the FCC that will lightly regulate the management of traffic on wireless networks.

Court Delivers Verizon Net Neutrality Suit a Setback

The U.S. Court of Appeals today denied Verizon’s motion to have the three judges who ruled against the FCC in an earlier network neutrality case hear Verizon’s current attempt to contest the regulatory agency’s network neutrality rules. It’s a small setback for foes of network neutrality.

MetroPCS Joins Verizon in Suing FCC Over Net Neutrality

MetroPCS followed Verizon in contesting the FCC’s network neutrality order that sets rules around when an ISP can discriminate against traffic flowing across its network. The FCC’s decision to avoid reclassifying broadband has left the fate of web innovation in the courts’ hands. But which court?

Verizon Sues FCC To Block Net Neutrality Rules

The FCC’s new net neutrality rules, voted in last month, haven’t even gone into effect yet, but they’re already being challenged by Verizon.…

Comcast vs. Level 3

The recent spat between Comcast and Level 3 boils down to peering: the idea that Internet Service Provider A allow traffic from…

Online Video at the Heart of Net Neutrality Order

It will take some time before the full effects of the FCC’s recent net neutrality order take hold. But one thing’s clear: Over-the-top video and the ability of third-party online video sites to operate and innovate is at the heart of the commission’s rules.

Who Wins & Loses Under FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

With its rules on network neutrality, the FCC has protected the current state of the Internet, left the future of the web unregulated and punted on most of the challenging issues that lay before it — from requiring wireless networks to be open to allowing managed services.

What the Web Is Saying: Net Neutrality Rules

Net Neutrality, a drama that has dragged on for years, lurched forward today with new rules from the FCC that will impose some basic protections for an open Internet but will leave wireless with less safeguards than wired broadband. Here’s what the Web is saying:

A Net Neutrality Timeline: How We Got Here

The FCC today approved an order that will enshrine the policies of network neutrality — the idea that ISPs can’t hinder or discriminate against lawful content flowing across their pipes — as regulations enforced by the FCC. Here’s how we got here.

FCC Set To Approve Net Neutrality Rules

Net neutrality has been talked about in tech circles for years, and now the government is finally going to act. New rules proposed by the FC…

FCC’s New New Net Neutrality Compromise Is Better

The FCC today said it would vote on rules to prevent ISPs from discriminating against the bits flowing across their networks, but it wouldn’t publish the full text of those rules until a few days after the vote due to a compromise with Democratic commissioners.

Another Perspective on Net Neutrality: The Kids Are Alright

Yesterday FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski unveiled a framework for the regulatory agencies net neutrality efforts — the idea that a broadband provider cannot interference with the delivery of lawful bits over its network — that received fairly lackluster support. But we found a compelling counterpoint in the blogosphere.

FCC’s New Net Neutrality Rules to Regulate Wireless Lightly

The FCC is moving forward on a vote for long-promised net neutrality rules, fulfilling a goal Chairman Julius Genachoswski laid out more than a year ago. The regulations, which will be heard on Dec. 21, will require wireline providers to follow stricter rules than wireless.

ISPs to FCC: Get in Line or Else

Internet services providers are calling for an Federal Communications Commission with less authority over regulating broadband, just as the FCC reportedly prepares to vote on new neutrality rules. It’s all part of a larger attempt by the telecommunications industry to undercut the power of the FCC.

FCC Chief Sees Clouds Darkening Broadband Skies

What keeps a man like FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski up at night? Try 40th out of 40. That’s the U.S.’ ranking in broadband improvements from 1999-2009 according to a study last year. Genachowski is worried that the U.S. is in danger of losing its competitive advantage.

The FCC Needs to Do the Right (& the Hard) Thing

In November 2007, I remember reading then-Senator Obama’s Technology and Innovation Platform for the first time. I was amazed that a candidate had said that he understood what net neutrality was about and that he knew it was important to the nation’s economy and culture.

Google's Lame Defense of its Net Neutrality Pact

Google has broken the relative silence it has maintained after coming out with a controversial framework for addressing net neutrality, which it developed with Verizon. In a post called “Facts about our network neutrality proposal” Google explains itself. But here are the facts about Google’s facts.

Net Neutrality Groups Plan Google Protest

Several grassroots organizations are planning a protest at noon tomorrow at Google’s Mountain View campus. The groups plan to protest because the search giant has teamed up with Verizon to offer a compromise on net neutrality that has the potential to create a two-tiered Internet.

For Better or Worse, Google Is a Nation-State

Google’s problems aren’t just a result of its huge size — its global ambitions and the impact it has on so many aspects of our lives has given it a whole new class of problems. In many ways, the company might as well be a nation-state.

Tech Companies, Google Sold You Out

Today’s compromise between Verizon and Google on network neutrality is a big story, not because it’s going to change the policy discussion much, but because it marks Google selling out the tech and startup community so it can advance it’s own economic interests.

Google and Verizon's Net Neutrality Compromise is Pretty Weak

As expected, Google and Verizon have agreed to make network neutrality enforceable on wireline networks, without extending the same to wireless. However, the agreement does ask for transparency in network management on wireline and wireless networks, and leaves a place for operators to offer managed services.

A Google-Verizon Deal Could Cripple Web Video Innovation

It’s unclear whether Verizon and Google will end net neutrality with an agreement to prioritize some traffic on the Internet, but any such deal would have a devastating effect on startups and video publishers that don’t have Google’s deep pockets to pay for better access.

What the Web Is Saying on Broadband Reclassification

The FCC will begin the process of  reclassifying broadband as a telecommunications service subject to greater regulatory oversight from the agency. The reclassification was in response to a court ruling that challenged the FCC’s ability to enforce network neutrality under the current broadband regulatory regime. Here’s what the web is saying.

How the FCC Plans to Regulate Broadband

The Federal Communications Commission today laid out its plans to solidify its authority to regulate broadband after an appeals court seemingly neutered the agency’s regulatory powers when it ruled the FCC didn’t have the authority to censure Comcast for throttling P2P files. Here’s how.

AT&T Tries to Strong-arm the Feds

As regulators dive deep into broadband politics, Ma Bell has turned not only to lobbyists, but also to threats. AT&T today issued a ho-hum press release — except for the last line, when it tied its billions in capital investment to favorable laws and regulations.

Comcast Didn't Kill Net Neutrality Last Week

Last Tuesday a federal court of appeals called into question the FCC’s ability to regulate Internet access, but after talking to people in D.C., the consensus is that regulations guaranteeing net neutrality will survive, and the FCC will begin a proceeding to reclassify internet access.

Transparency Is Good But Intelligence Is Better

Amid the debate on network neutrality, transparent network management is generally accepted, but in practice it may not improve the end user experience as much as everyone hopes, since there are so many players between the end user and the content provider. We need intelligence.

What the Net Neutrality Filings Say

The Federal Communications Commission has received 23,137 filings and more than 100,000 comments on its proposed net neutrality rules, that would prohibit both wired and wireless Internet service providers from discriminating against the content flowing across their respective pipes. We take a look at some excerpts.

Why Net Neutrality Is Important for Startups, Innovation

While some could argue that a free and open Internet means less regulation and oversight, my experience leads me to believe that an Internet that encourages innovation and startups is one that supports net neutrality. Unless it’s enforced, capitalism on the Internet is in serious jeopardy.

Google NOT Turning Its Back on Network Neutrality

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google, long a network neutrality champion, is looking to cut deals with broadband providers — both cable and phone companies — in a move to get faster access for its own content. Google, however, says it it not backing away from network neutrality, and that its OpenEdge effort is in fact a plan to peer its edge-caching devices directly with the network operators so that the users of those broadband carriers get faster access to Google and YouTube’s content.