Nest learning thermostats now saving a whole lot of energy

Nest learning thermostats are starting to rack up large collective savings, or more than 200 million kilowatt hours saved. Despite early sales volumes, the thermostats can save home owners 20 to 30 percent. In comparison Opower has saved over 1.6 billion kilowatt hours collectively. Energy savings battle!

Tado aims to be a smarter thermostat than Nest

The two thermostat systems won’t be clashing head-on anytime soon, as Nest only works in North America and Tado in Europe. But the newer system, from Germany, also offers an interestingly different approach to smart energy control.

James Dyson, maverick inventor funds a product incubator

James Dyson, the maverick engineer who created Dyson line of vacuum cleaners is donating $8 million of his money to an incubator that is based at London’s Royal College of Art. Its mission – create new physical products that solve modern society’s vexing problems.

Nest scores first utility deal in Texas

The Nest learning thermostat is now winning over utilities, too. On Monday, startup Nest announced that Texas energy service provider Reliant has started offering its learning thermostat through one of its energy efficiency programs.

The details behind the Honeywell, Nest lawsuit

Thermostat giant Honeywell has slapped startup Nest, and retailer Best Buy, with a lawsuit over patent infringement for smart thermostat technology. I read the lawsuit so you don’t have to and here’s the details you need to know: