Surprise! VMware will join OpenStack

Never say never. VMware is about to join the OpenStack Foundation, a group initially backed by other industry giants as a counterweight to VMware’s server virtualization dominance. Intel and NEC are also on deck to join as Gold OSF members.

Infinera, TeliaSonera test a new terabit network

TeliaSonera, a Scandinavian-based telephone company, has conducted a trial for an optical network that saw a terabit speed optical transmission based on 500 gigabit per second super channels. The trial used Infinera gear and was conducted between Los Angeles and San Jose, Calif.

NEC Offers Europe OpenFlow Switches

NEC has delivered a new type of experimental switch to European research institutions based on OpenFlow packet routing. The goal of OpenFlow is to fundamentally re-architect the Internet in a way that allows networks to be more flexible even as more data goes over them.


Research Note: What a Skype-Cisco Partnership Could Mean

Skype’s recent plans for an IPO, along with many new features (including some geared for enterprise customers), mean the VoIP carrier is finally crossing from niche tool to mainstream service. But past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Skype’s freemium model is risky, and the company’s continued growth is far from certain. The real key to success and a continued revenue stream will be finding a partner that can leverage Skype’s unique offering of a carrier-style business, software and its partnerships with hardware makers and mobile carriers. Cisco, meanwhile, needs a way to separate itself from the herd of telephony vendors like Avaya, Microsoft, IBM and Siemens Enterprise, who all have deep-pocketed desires to unseat Cisco from its leadership position. A partnership with Skype would be a game-changer that would reduce costs, carry technology further into the enterprise and be nearly impossible to replicate. This research note examines the potential advantages and inevitable challenges of just such a union.