Exclusive: China’s online Olympics audience breaks records

China’s state broadcaster CNTV clocked huge online audience numbers during the 2012 London Olympics, and a big chunk of it came from mobile devices: 610 million streams were served to phones, tablets and connected devices alone, according to numbers shared exclusively with GigaOM.

NBCU combines news units, puts Pat Fili-Krushel in charge

The NBC News Group will house broadcast division NBC News, along with cable networks CNBC, MSNBC and The Weather Channel. Fili-Krushel has primarily served as an administrative affairs executive, but she did oversee ABC’s news division when she ran that network from 1998-2000.

He said, she said: Is Comcast prioritizing traffic or not?

Comcast, once again, has some explaining to do. An engineer has conducted experiments that he says show the nation’s largest broadband provider is prioritizing traffic– something it’s not supposed to do under the conditions the government imposed when the cable company bought NBC-Universal.

Trayvon Martin, theGrio and “new guards” of black media

African American news site theGrio.com has helped drive NBC’s coverage of the Treyvon Martin tragedy. Since its first piece on March 8, theGrio has published more than 250 stories on Martin and many of its videos have landed on shows like the Today Show and NBC Nightly News.

The Morning Lowdown 09-01-11

»  Hulu Japan Launches WIth Movies, TV From CBS (NYSE: CBS), Sony (NYSE: SNE), Fox (NSDQ: NWS) & More But No Ads (paidContent)


Where to watch Wimbledon 2011 online

Wimbledon is always a favorite among tennis fans, and this year’s tournament will likely be no different. But how do you watch all of the action while matches are happening during the workday? Luckily, ESPN3 and NBC Sports are providing live streams of the tournament.

The Morning Lowdown 06-16-11

»  Cross Platform Report: Americans Watching More TV, Mobile and Web Video (Nielsen)

»  NBCUniversal getting into super…

3 Things to Expect From Hulu’s New Content Deals

Hulu might be close to signing new rights agreements with its content partners, according to AllThingsD. But things have changed since its launch. How will that affect what Hulu’s business looks like after the next set of deals are done? Here are our predictions.

The Morning Lowdown 05-12-11

»  Four months after the FCC approved the merger between Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) and NBC Universal, *Meredith* Attwell Baker, one of…

Comcast Is Making VOD More Like Live TV

Comcast has expanded the amount of TV content available through its VOD service, with all four broadcasters on board. But more important than the addition of new content is the technology behind it, which will improve tracking and monetization of VOD TV episodes.

The Morning Lowdown 04-21-11

»  Tina Brown’s Newsweek a Hit on Newsstands (but what about those sluggish ad sales?) (Adweek)

»  In Online Games, a P…

The Morning Lowdown 04-15-11

»  Less than three months after Comcast Corp. (NSDQ: CMCSA) took control of NBC Universal, NBCU’s new CEO, Steve Burke, is angling…

Syncbak Aims to Bring Local TV Online

Syncbak hopes to enable broadcast stations to take control of their destinies and create new streaming services, by offering a way for them to verify local viewers are in their broadcast area and ensure that devices accessing content belong in households that can receive their signals.

Hulu May Gain Some Independence — But At What Cost?

News Corp COO Chase Carey and Disney CEO Bob Iger might leave Hulu’s board of directors soon, according to a Wall Street Journal report. But more independence might not be a good thing as it seeks to renegotiate deals with its media partners and stakeholders.

Comcast-NBC Is Great News for iTunes Cord Cutters

Cord cutters who’ve left cable and satellite behind will be happy to learn that Comcast has agreed to continue licensing NBC content to digital distribution rivals like iTunes in order to convince the government to approve its acquisition of the TV network.

Can Hulu Hang On to Its Online TV Audience?

Hulu viewers watch twice as much online TV on its site as on the next five network sites combined. But with content partners threatening to pull content or add windows online, Hulu could see its audience go elsewhere to get their online TV fix.

TiVo Touts Ad Measurement With Free Web Tool

TiVo (NSDQ: TIVO) is so confident about its ability to measure viewing of TV commercials that it’s giving the data away–sort of. The compan…

Vid-Biz: NBC vs. YouTube, TiVo, Viacom

Today on the Net: NBC explains why it fired the leaker of an old Today Show clip, TiVo wants to help brands measure the effectiveness of their ads for free, and execs are all huffy over Viacom’s deal this week with Hulu.

Broadcasters Block Google TV But Can’t Stop the Future

It was no big surprise that broadcasters would block Google TV devices from accessing their content online. What’s at stake, of course, is the $80 billion TV advertising business fueling primetime TV. But broadcasters need a strategy that includes Google TV, not blocks it.

Fox Cuts off Hulu: Good and Bad for Cable Subscribers

The fight over how much Cablevision will pay Fox in retransmission fees escalated to a new level this morning as Fox had denied Cablevision’s broadband customers access to Hulu and other Fox-affiliated online content. The move shows how online video has grown in importance.

NBC May Spurn Apple, but Netflix is Cool

Netflix announced an expanded license agreement with NBC Universal that expands the conglomerate’s presence on Netflix Instant to include other NBC U programming from Syfy and USA, just one day after Jeff Zucker said NBC wouldn’t be participating in Apple’s 99 cent rental program.

NBC a Holdout for 99-Cent iTunes Rentals

So far, only ABC and Fox have signed on with Apple’s plan to rent individual TV show for 99 cents apiece. Other networks have yet to join in, and yesterday, NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker made clear that his company probably won’t be anytime soon.

Comcast’s NBC-U Dreams May Be Online Video’s Nightmare

There’s a very good chance that most people in America will soon have just one choice for truly high-speed Internet access suitable for watching video — their local cable monopoly. With cable’s DOCSIS 3.0 as an intermediate step, we’re reaching the era of true convergence.

New Evidence Emerges for Apple’s 99-Cent TV Rentals

We first reported that Apple was in discussions with TV networks to make episodes available for rental at a new 99-cent price point six weeks ago, but a new report provides more detail on how those discussions are going and when the service will launch.

Comcast Profits Pulled Down On NBC Costs

Comcast’s acquisition of NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) is still pending before regulators, but the deal has already cost the cable operator $22 m…

Comcast-NBCU: An Oil Spill Waiting to Happen?

Participants of a public FCC hearing on the proposed Comcast-NBC Universal joint venture warned today that a lack of regulation could be a catastrophic for the online video space. They made references to BP’s oil spill, but also pointed to Comcast’s interference with BitTorrent transfers.

Friends and Foes Weigh in on Comcast-NBCU Deal

Comcast and NBC secured a number of well-know supporters for their proposed merger, but today’s FCC comment filing deadline was also used by a number of companies, labor unions and public interest groups to express opposition to the idea of both companies joining forces.

Your Guide to the Vancouver Olympics Online

The flags, the speeds, the gates, the snow, the ice, the blades, the luge, the twirling adolescents — get psyched! The Vancouver edition of the Winter Olympics are starting today. Want to follow along online? Here are a few key resources.

2010: The Year Comcast Embraces Convergence

Comcast today reported fourth-quarter and 2009 earnings that showed remarkable subscriber growth in a down economy. But this year could be a turning point for Comcast, which has laid the groundwork for fast, ubiquitous broadband while also trying to avoid becoming a dumb pipe.

MSN To Add Local Video Clips From NBC, Hearst

Microsoft’s MSN, which has made local content a focus as part of its recent home page redesign, is now adding local video clips to its pages…

Out Come Those Who Oppose Comcast/NBC

In the land of mega-meals and mega-churches, it’s only natural that we’d have a mega-media hookup like the one announced today between Comcast and NBC. But a deal this big will naturally bring along with it some regulatory scrutiny.

So That's Why Hulu Hates Boxee

Hulu, the popular television content aggregator backed by major Hollywood companies, today launched a desktop application that can only be used on…

NBC, HuffPo Vie For NYC-Centric Readers

Most cities can barely support two metro newspapers, but the race to become hyperlocal among media companies could recreate the newspaper ba…

NBC.com Rolls Out Some New Video-Ad Options

Since online video is the only advertising segment showing any real health these days, NBC.com is giving that area a little more concentrati…

Quarterly Wrap-up

Connected Consumer Wrap-up: Q1 2009

Despite the economic gloom, first quarter has been fairly positive for online video. A few companies have had to shut down, others have seen layoffs, but overall, the market appears to be embracing this new frontier in entertainment. Even the big networks (ABC, NBC, CBS), the stalwarts of oldteevee, are making inroads into newteevee. The remainder of 2009 promises just as many advances as have occurred over the past quarter.

Report: Disney Could Join Hulu

“Serious” discussions are occurring between Disney (s dis) and Hulu about distributing ABC and possibly ESPN content through the fast-growing video site,…

Hearst Assembles Digital Posse

Hearst today named George Kliavkoff executive VP and deputy group head of its entertainment and syndication division. A familiar NewTeeVee character, Kliavkoff…

NBC Partners with 60Frames for Slate of Web Series

NBC Universal Digital Studio today announced its slate of original productions created in partnership with new media studio 60Frames. The new shows will feature Hollywood talent, but as is the trend lately, will not be put into production until a sponsor has been secured.

NBC Drives the Nail in

I guess those rumors about NBC and Apple working things out aren’t going that well. Tonight on The Office, instead of Michael…

NBC Universal Relaunching Scifi.co.uk

NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) plans to relaunch its UK-based science fiction portal Scifi.co.uk, reports NMA.co.uk. The site will roll out on Wed…

Tuesday Morning Bag O' Goodies

Sprint’s acting CEO Paul Saleh speaking at a UBS conference said that spinning off the WiMAX business is an option. “We are…

NBC's "I Ran" Copyright Problem

[qi:032] NBC, the media giant whose executives have been publicly bemoaning copyright theft and illegal downloads, is finding itself in the crosshairs.…