Get ready for a quantum computing software company

An Australian company called Aerospace Concepts is partnering with Lockheed Martin to perform research on its quantum computer that could result in the world’s first quantum computing software company. Aerospace Concepts specializes in complex system design, a presumably strong use case for quantum computing.

Coming to America: a Swiss solar powered plane

A Swiss project that is 10 years in the making aims to show that solar powered planes could one day shuttle people around the world. After carrying out demonstration flights in Europe and North Africa, Solar Impulse is coming to America this year.

NASA tries to free creativity with Big Data Challenge

NASA and a couple other government agencies have kicked off a series of TopCoder challenges designed to find innovative solutions to the government’s big data problems. The first contest is all about making disparate, incompatible data sets usable and actually valuable across agencies.

How to watch the Mars landing

If all goes according to plan (knock wood) NASA’s Curiosity Rover, a 1 ton, nuke-powered space robot that’s traveled 345 million miles in eight months, will land on Mars Sunday night. Here’s how you can watch the landing, which is slated for 10:31 p.m. PST.

NASA backs off OpenStack development

NASA, one of the two original backers of the OpenStack project, plans to stop actively developing software for that open-source cloud computing platform. NASA executive Karen Petraskas signaled the move at the Uptime Symposium this week, according to a published report.

Space hackathon: Coders set to compete on NASA/DARPA project

DARPA and NASA are sponsoring a challenge run by the MIT Space Systems Laboratory, TopCoder, and Aurora Flight Sciences that will invite coders to write a computer program that enables a satellite to dock with a space object that is tumbling in geosynchronous orbit.

A shuttle of dreams, hopes and possibilities

The final U.S. space shuttle launched Friday morning from Cape Canaveral, Fla. and the world was watching. Since many of us at GigaOM have some special shuttle memories to share, we gathered a few of them and invite y’all to provide yours as well.

What you need to know about flow batteries

Flow batteries — big tanks of liquids that can store energy — are jockeying for a place in a growing energy storage market that will enable utilities to better manage the electric grid, provide back-up power and potentially work with the electric rates system.

NASA App HD for iPad: Bringing Space to You

Space enthusiasts who follow information coming out of NASA with excitment should download the free NASA HD app for the iPad right now. This app aggregates all of the happenings at NASA with a gorgeous interface that is tailored for touch operation on the iPad.

Why OpenStack is Ready for Success

Last month, Rackspace and NASA jointly announced, re-igniting a discussion about long-sought-after open cloud standards. In our view, OpenStack is the first project that has a good chance at standardization between multiple cloud vendors and private clouds. Here’s a look at why.