Spotify’s new apps could be a big boost for labels

Spotify is adding a second batch of apps to its desktop player, and this time around, there is a big emphasis on record labels. That’s good, because labels could use these kinds of apps to reestablish themselves as curators in the age of subscription music.

Grooveshark shuts down in Germany

Grooveshark has shut down in Germany, blaming exorbitant licensing costs and redirecting users to a local Spotify clone. However, rights holders singled out by Grooveshark say that they have never actually been contacted by the service. Meanwhile U.S. lawsuits against Grooveshark continue.

What’s next for Spotify: The ultimate rumor guide

What’s next for Spotify: An MP3 download store, a commercial API that could empower developers to bring the service’s music everywhere, music playback without the need to download any software – or maybe just an iPad app? Read all about the rumors ahead of Wednesday’s press conference.

Google Music’s real innovation: The indie artist hub

Google’s music platform may look a lot like iTunes, but for small indie artists, there’s lots to like. Google treats musicians like Android app developers, offering them a 70 percent market share. Add YouTube as a sales platform, and it could be a game changer.

Grooveshark is relaunching as a social music network

Grooveshark relaunched its music service with a much bigger emphasis on activity streams and other social features Thursday night, and company representatives told us that they have big plans in store that should help artists to make more money — because streaming alone doesn’t make anyone rich.

Audiogalaxy Returns; Choruss File Sharing Plans Falter

Music sharing pioneer Audiogalaxy returned this week, but not with the features its former users — or its founder — hoped to offer. The former Napster competitor found that, even with music-industry support, a legal file-sharing service is a long way from becoming reality.