Nooka’s mystery dial watches get an iPhone app

Matthew Waldman’s Nooka watches are far from your standard time-keeping devices, with various dial designs that often use digital, visual markers to indicate the passing of hours, minutes and seconds. With a new app launched Thursday, Nooka brings that time-telling magic to the iPhone.

Path soups up photo features with iPhone app update

Path has updated its app for the iPhone with the debut Wednesday of version 2.0.5. The key new part of the update is the addition of a new effect called “Depth” that brings what’s known as tilt-shift capabilities to Path’s photo taking feature.

The top gadgets at Macworld | iWorld 2012

Macworld | iWorld had some fantastic products. Ignoring anything that wasn’t actually shipping, since so many products never actually make it to market , here are my top picks from the show. They include most iDevice companions, but also one product any Mac user wil love.

Games for the weekend: Trenches II

Trenches II is the latest in a lineup of World War I-themed games from Thunder Game Works. Falling somewhere between Plants vs. Zombies and Flight Control, Trenches II offers slightly more advanced, compelling gameplay, so much so that it approaches the realm of real-time strategy gaming.

Apple multitouch patent is all about UX lock-in

Apple won a significant victory last week when it was awarded a key patent related to basic multitouch functionality. It was called too broad by many, and raised the specter of pitched legal drama. It’s definitely a key victory for Apple, but why?

The End of an Era

The iPhone has been on the market for more than a year now, and as a result technology manufacturers are beginning to…