Backblaze nets $5M to boost cloud backup

Backblaze, the 5-year-old company that backs up everything on your PC for $5 per month, has snagged $5 million in funding from TMT Investments, an investment house out of the U.K. It will use the money to beef up sales and marketing efforts.

Seriously now, people: Back your stuff up!

You’d think at this stage of the game, most computer users would be savvy enough to have a data backup plan in place. But you’d be wrong. That’s why every storage, disaster recovery, backup vendor on the planet has glommed onto World Backup Day.

Is PC presence enough to help prevail?

The race for market share among cloud storage providers continues with some HP PCs now offering an easy on-ramp to’s cloud storage. But how much traction can a PC bundle get when most business users rely more and more on their mobile devices?

VMware Takes Over EMC’s Mozy Cloud Storage Service

VMware officially entered the service provider market by taking over operations of the Mozy storage service from EMC. VMware CTO Steven Herrod announced the news on his blog today, writing that “VMware has hired the team and acquired assets behind EMC’s Mozy cloud-based data protection service.”

Who Will Cache in on Cloud Storage?

As data moves into the cloud, many storage companies are evaluating their use of memory in the data center as they try to strike a balance between easily accessible cache memory powered by flash and slower-to-access disk memory powered by hard drives. At the same time, they’re trying to make their storage easier to provision and more reliable by looking at some form of virtualization. Both trends will change the dynamic for large storage vendors in the years to come.